Iridium Band

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Iridium Band
Iridium Band.png
Glows, attracts items, and increases attack damage by 10%.
  • Crafting with Combat Skill Icon.png Combat Level 9
  • Fishing Treasure Chest.png Fishing Treasure Chest (0.12%)
  • Iridium Golem.png Iridium Golem (0.1%)

Ingredients: Iridium Bar.png Iridium Bar (5)Solar Essence.png Solar Essence (50)Void Essence.png Void Essence (50)
Adventurer's Guild

Purchase Price: Not Sold
Sell Price: data-sort-value="1000 ">Gold.png1,000g

The Iridium Band is a ring that can be crafted after earning the recipe at Combat Skill Icon.png Combat Level 9. The ingredients are 5 Iridium Bars, 50 Solar Essence, and 50 Void Essence. It may also be found in Fishing Treasure Chests after reaching Fishing level 2. Iridium Golems have a 0.1% chance to drop an Iridium Band. Additionally, there is a very small chance it can be obtained by killing monsters or breaking crates/barrels as a special item in The Mines during the Danger In The Deep quest or after activating the Shrine of Challenge.

The Iridium Band combines the effects of the Glow Ring, Magnet Ring, and Ruby Ring. Its effects stack with another Iridium Band, a Glow Ring, a Glowstone Ring, a Magnet Ring, or a Ruby Ring. It displays a purple band with four different gems on them, presumably Ruby, Emerald, Topaz, and Aquamarine. However, it does not have the effects of the latter three.


Iridium Band can be used in dyeing, serving as a purple dye at the dye pots, located in Emily's and Haley's house, 2 Willow Lane.