Glow Ring

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Glow Ring
Glow Ring.png
Emits a constant light.
  • The Mines / Skull Cavern
  • Fishing Treasure Chest.png Fishing Treasure Chest
  • Feast of the Winter Star
Adventurer's Guild

Purchase Price: Not Sold
Sell Price: data-sort-value="100 ">Gold.png100g

The Glow Ring is a ring that can be obtained by breaking boxes and barrels, or as a special monster drop, on floors 40+ of The Mines and floors 1-39 of the Skull Cavern. It is a possible reward for the chest on floor 20 of the Mines if "remixed" mine rewards are selected in the Advanced Options menu when starting a new game.

The Glow Ring may be found in Fishing Treasure Chests at Fishing skill 2+, but only if your Luck is buffed (higher magnitude buffs increase your chances). It is also one of the possible gifts your character can receive at the Feast of the Winter Star. It is the reward for completing the Bundle Purple.png Night Fishing Bundle in the Fish Tank.

The Glow Ring emits light in a radius of 10 tiles around the player. The effects of the Glow Ring stack with another Glow Ring, the Small Glow Ring, the Glowstone Ring, or the Iridium Band.


The Glow ring can be used in dyeing, serving as a yellow dye at the dye pots, located in Emily's and Haley's house, 2 Willow Lane.


  • 1.6: Added as a reward for the Night Fishing Bundle.