Topaz Ring

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Topaz Ring
Topaz Ring.png
You feel a little bit safer wearing this.
  • Adventurer's Guild
  • Fishing Treasure Chest.png Fishing Treasure Chest (0.05%)
Adventurer's Guild

Purchase Price: data-sort-value="1000">Gold.png1,000g
Sell Price: data-sort-value="100 ">Gold.png100g

The Topaz Ring is a ring that can be purchased from the Adventurer's Guild for data-sort-value="1000">Gold.png1,000g after completing the Initiation quest (kill 10 Slimes). It can also be found in Fishing Treasure Chests after reaching Fishing level 2.

The Topaz Ring provides +1 Defense.


Topaz Ring can be used in dyeing, serving as an orange dye at the dye pots, located in Emily's and Haley's house, 2 Willow Lane.


  • Before 1.6, this item used to increase weapon precision (decreases the chance that a strike will cause no damage) by 10% while equipped. This effect is useless because weapons do not have a random chance to miss under normal conditions.


  • 1.6: Replaced useless "precision" stats with defense.