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This page or section contains unmarked spoilers from update 1.6 of Stardew Valley. Players may want to avoid or be cautious toward reading this article/section.

Hard Hat
Hard Hat.png
Keep your dome in one piece.
Source: Adventurer's Guild
Adventurer's Guild

Purchase Price: data-sort-value="20000">Gold.png20,000g
Sell Price: Cannot be sold

The Hard Hat is a hat that can be obtained as a reward from Gil at the Adventurer's Guild after completing the Monster Eradication Goal of killing 30 Duggies. After that, it can be purchased from Marlon for data-sort-value="20000">Gold.png20,000g. It can also be obtained from Emily's outfit services at the Desert Festival. Male players have a ~2% chance[1] to receive the outfit with the Hard Hat.



  • When the player's character is facing sideways, certain hairstyles cause the hair to be visible at the back of the hat, outside the hat.


  1. Male players have 47 possible outfits (1/47 ≈ 2.13%).
  2. See Content\Data\MakeoverOutfits.xnb. RGB refers to "Red,Green,Blue".


  • 1.0: Introduced.
  • 1.6: Can now be randomly obtained as part of an outfit from the Desert Festival.