Sturdy Ring

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Sturdy Ring
Sturdy Ring.png
Cuts the duration of negative status effects in half.
Source: Crafting with Combat Level 1

Ingredients: Copper Bar.png Copper Bar (2)Bug Meat.png Bug Meat (25)Slime.png Slime (25)
Adventurer's Guild
Purchase Price: Not Sold
Sell Price: Gold.png750g

The Sturdy Ring is a ring that can be crafted after earning the recipe at Combat Skill Icon.png Combat level 1. While wearing it, it reduces the duration of debuffs (i.e., Tipsy, Jinxed, and Slimed) by 50%.


  • 1.0: Introduced.
  • 1.4: Adjusted crafting ingredients from 10 Copper Bars, 5 Refined Quartz and 10 Earth Crystal to 2 Copper Bars, 25 Bug Meat, and 25 Slime.