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Trash is a category of items in Stardew Valley. With the exception of the Rotten Plant, these items have a chance to be collected when fishing, from Crab Pots, or from Garbage Cans.

Trash is the less favorable alternative when fishing, as fish are worth more to sell and have far more uses. However, trash items (other than Joja Cola and the Rotten Plant) can be used in a Recycling Machine to create more useful materials.

Trash is highly likely when fishing in the Farm Pond (except on a Riverland Farm), where all bodies of water are treated as river. Trash is also common when fishing in The Mines.

Catching Trash with a fishing pole grants 3 Fishing XP. Harvesting Trash from a Crab Pot grants 5 Fishing XP. In the fishing minigame at the Stardew Valley Fair, trash items are worth a single point.


Image Name Description Produced from Recycling
Trash (item).png
Trash It's junk. Stone.png Stone (1-3)  39%
Coal.png Coal (1-3)  30%
Iron Ore.png Iron Ore (1-3)  21%
Driftwood A piece of wood from the sea. Wood.png Wood (1-3)  75%
Coal.png Coal (1-3)  25%
Soggy Newspaper.png
Soggy Newspaper This is trash. Torch.png Torch (3)  90%
Cloth.png Cloth (1)  10%
Broken CD.png
Broken CD It's a JojaNet 2.0 trial CD. They must've made a billion of these things. Refined Quartz.png Refined Quartz (1)
Broken Glasses.png
Broken Glasses It looks like someone lost their glasses. They're busted. Refined Quartz.png Refined Quartz (1)
Joja Cola.png
Joja Cola The flagship product of Joja corporation. Cannot be recycled.
Rotten Plant.png
Rotten Plant Decomposing organic material. It's slimy and unpleasant. Cannot be recycled.