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This page or section contains unmarked spoilers from update 1.6 of Stardew Valley. Players may want to avoid or be cautious toward reading this article/section.

Desert Festival.png

The Desert Festival is a festival that happens every year in the Desert on Spring 15th, 16th, and 17th. Unlike non-festival days, players may enter the desert prior to when Pam typically arrives at the Bus Stop, even though the event officially starts at 10am each day. However, on the final day of the festival, the player must wait until Pam arrives to drive the bus at approximately 9am (earlier than her normal 10am arrival). This event requires the Bus to be repaired in order to visit the festival.

Sandy's shop will not be open during the festival, however the player may still enter the Oasis. The Desert Trader is still present and her shop is accessible.

Several challenges and attractions offer the ability to earn this festival's currency, Calico Egg.png Calico Eggs. Calico Eggs are physical items within the game that can be used to purchase items from the various shops during the Desert Festival. Eggs carry over from day to day. However, they will disappear from chests or inventory at the end of the festival and are not saved for the following year.

The eggs can be sold in the Shipping Bin, but they sell for data-sort-value="0">Gold.png0g.


The Races

Throughout the day, players may bet on races that take place on the hour. If a player's chosen contestant wins, they will receive data-sort-value="20">Calico Egg.png 20. Each day, the first winning bet a player makes on Escar-go, the slowest contestant, will instead earn the player data-sort-value="100">Calico Egg.png 100.[1] Players may place bets until 9:50pm.[2] The race will not run its course if the player is not in the main festival area, so players must wait for it to finish to see the results.

The player can also cheat the race by giving the Suspicious Man next to the Oasis data-sort-value="1">Calico Egg.png 1 in exchange for one of the race contestants of the player's choosing possibly losing the race.

The 5 possible contestants are Speed Rooster, King Sting, Shoebiscuit, Escar-go, and Cactus Crawler. Only 3 contestants will race each day.


Picking Escar-go is a bad choice, since it has a lower minimum speed, maximum speed, and shorter dash time.

Calico Egg Merchant

The Calico Egg Merchant sells several accessories and furniture items, as well as various usable items. Some items are sold every day, while others are only available on certain days.[3] Items with limited stock are replenished each day.

Permanent Stock 
Image Name Price
Mystery Box.png
Mystery Box (10) data-sort-value="20">Calico Egg.png 20
Mummy Mask.png
Mummy Mask data-sort-value="120">Calico Egg.png 120
Blue Bow.png
Blue Bow data-sort-value="50">Calico Egg.png 50
Dark Velvet Bow.png
Dark Velvet Bow data-sort-value="75">Calico Egg.png 75
Mega Bomb.png
Mega Bomb data-sort-value="15">Calico Egg.png 15
Spicy Eel.png
Spicy Eel* (5) data-sort-value="10">Calico Egg.png 10
Crab Cakes.png
Crab Cakes* (5) data-sort-value="10">Calico Egg.png 10
Eggplant Parmesan.png
Eggplant Parmesan* (5) data-sort-value="10">Calico Egg.png 10
Pumpkin Soup.png
Pumpkin Soup* (5) data-sort-value="10">Calico Egg.png 10
Lucky Lunch.png
Lucky Lunch* (5) data-sort-value="10">Calico Egg.png 10
Woodcutter's Weekly.png
Woodcutter's Weekly data-sort-value="100">Calico Egg.png 100
*Note: one of these five dishes is randomly chosen.
Rotating Stock 
Spring 15
Image Name Price
Strawberry Seeds.png
Strawberry Seeds data-sort-value="5">Calico Egg.png 5
Sun Dunes.png
Sun Dunes data-sort-value="30">Calico Egg.png 30
Sandy Rug.png
Sandy Rug data-sort-value="20">Calico Egg.png 20
Desert End Table.png
Desert End Table data-sort-value="20">Calico Egg.png 20
Calico Statue.png
Calico Statue data-sort-value="25">Calico Egg.png 25
Spring 16
Image Name Price
Mixed Seeds.png
Mixed Seeds x3 (10) data-sort-value="5">Calico Egg.png 5
Desert Table.png
Desert Table data-sort-value="25">Calico Egg.png 25
Desert Chair.png
Desert Chair data-sort-value="20">Calico Egg.png 20
Decorative Barrel.png
Decorative Barrel data-sort-value="10">Calico Egg.png 10
Spring 17
Image Name Price
Strawberry Seeds.png
Strawberry Seeds data-sort-value="6">Calico Egg.png 6
Magic Rock Candy.png
Magic Rock Candy (1) data-sort-value="250">Calico Egg.png 250
Calico Statue.png
Calico Statue data-sort-value="35">Calico Egg.png 35
Desert Fireplace.png
Desert Fireplace data-sort-value="20">Calico Egg.png 20
Desert Flags.png
Desert Flags data-sort-value="10">Calico Egg.png 10
Desert Rug.png
Desert Rug data-sort-value="25">Calico Egg.png 25

Villager Shops

Every day, two villagers are randomly chosen to host their own shops at the festival.[4] These shops are available from 12 pm to 12 am, and their stocks are listed below.[3] Items with limited stock are replenished each day that a villager hosts their shop. Players are able to walk into the Villager Shops through the back, meaning these villagers are still available for gifting, talking, or quest completion while at their posts.

Abigail Icon.png Abigail - Permanent Stock 
Image Name Price
Abigail's Bow.png
Abigail's Bow data-sort-value="60">Calico Egg.png 60
Abby's Planchette.png
Abby's Planchette data-sort-value="70">Calico Egg.png 70
Alex Icon.png Alex - Permanent Stock 
Image Name Price
Magic Hair Gel.png
Magic Hair Gel* data-sort-value="100">Calico Egg.png 100
Alex's Bat.png
Alex's Bat data-sort-value="70">Calico Egg.png 70
Muscle Remedy.png
Muscle Remedy x5 (1) data-sort-value="25">Calico Egg.png 25
Fried Egg.png
Fried Egg (5) data-sort-value="10">Calico Egg.png 10
Milk (5) data-sort-value="10">Calico Egg.png 10
Pancakes (5) data-sort-value="10">Calico Egg.png 10
Hashbrowns (5) data-sort-value="10">Calico Egg.png 10
*Note: only available after Combat Mastery has been claimed.
Caroline Icon.png Caroline - Permanent Stock 
Image Name Price
Exotic Palace.png
Exotic Palace data-sort-value="120">Calico Egg.png 120
Green Tea.png
Green Tea (5) data-sort-value="10">Calico Egg.png 10
Tea Sapling.png
Tea Sapling (10) data-sort-value="30">Calico Egg.png 30
Classic Lamp.png
Classic Lamp data-sort-value="40">Calico Egg.png 40
Dandelion (5) data-sort-value="10">Calico Egg.png 10
Clint Icon.png Clint - Permanent Stock 
Image Name Price
Coal (50) data-sort-value="5">Calico Egg.png 5
Copper Ore.png
Copper Ore (100) data-sort-value="2">Calico Egg.png 2
Iron Ore.png
Iron Ore (100) data-sort-value="4">Calico Egg.png 4
Demetrius Icon.png Demetrius - Permanent Stock 
Image Name Price
Periodic Table.png
Periodic Table data-sort-value="70">Calico Egg.png 70
Nautilus Shell.png
Nautilus Shell (1) data-sort-value="50">Calico Egg.png 50
Spice Berry.png
Spice Berry (3) data-sort-value="10">Calico Egg.png 10
Deluxe Speed-Gro.png
Deluxe Speed-Gro (100) data-sort-value="2">Calico Egg.png 2
Elliott Icon.png Elliott - Permanent Stock 
Image Name Price
Elliott's Pencil.png
Elliott's Pencil data-sort-value="70">Calico Egg.png 70
Tricorn Hat.png
Tricorn Hat (5) data-sort-value="100">Calico Egg.png 100
Crab (5) data-sort-value="30">Calico Egg.png 30
Squid Ink.png
Squid Ink (5) data-sort-value="30">Calico Egg.png 30
Emily Icon.png Emily - Permanent Stock 
Image Name Price
Cloth x5 (3) data-sort-value="25">Calico Egg.png 25
Prismatic Shard.png
Prismatic Shard data-sort-value="500">Calico Egg.png 500
Sea Urchin.png
Sea Urchin (5) data-sort-value="5">Calico Egg.png 5
Mixed Flower Seeds.png
Mixed Flower Seeds x5 (4) data-sort-value="8">Calico Egg.png 8
Evelyn Icon.png Evelyn - Permanent Stock 
Image Name Price
Wallpaper 116 Icon.png
Wallpaper data-sort-value="20">Calico Egg.png 20
Cookie (5) data-sort-value="20">Calico Egg.png 20
Mixed Seeds.png
Mixed Seeds (25) data-sort-value="4">Calico Egg.png 4
Mixed Flower Seeds.png
Mixed Flower Seeds (50) data-sort-value="2">Calico Egg.png 2
Daffodil (5) data-sort-value="15">Calico Egg.png 15
George Icon.png George - Permanent Stock 
Image Name Price
Retro TV.png
Retro TV data-sort-value="200">Calico Egg.png 200
Coffee (10) data-sort-value="10">Calico Egg.png 10
Vinegar (20) data-sort-value="5">Calico Egg.png 5
Morel (1) data-sort-value="30">Calico Egg.png 30
Artifact Trove.png
Artifact Trove (5) data-sort-value="10">Calico Egg.png 10
Gus Icon.png Gus - Permanent Stock 
Image Name Price
Dusty Skull.png
Dusty Skull data-sort-value="50">Calico Egg.png 50
Escargot (5) data-sort-value="30">Calico Egg.png 30
Lobster Bisque.png
Lobster Bisque (5) data-sort-value="30">Calico Egg.png 30
Squid Ink Ravioli.png
Squid Ink Ravioli (5) data-sort-value="30">Calico Egg.png 30
Eggplant Parmesan.png
Eggplant Parmesan (5) data-sort-value="30">Calico Egg.png 30
Haley Icon.png Haley - Permanent Stock 
Image Name Price
Haley's Iron.png
Haley's Iron data-sort-value="70">Calico Egg.png 70
Art Photo.png
Art Photo data-sort-value="30">Calico Egg.png 30
Art Photo 2.png
Art Photo 2 data-sort-value="30">Calico Egg.png 30
Pink Cake.png
Pink Cake (5) data-sort-value="20">Calico Egg.png 20
Harvey Icon.png Harvey - Permanent Stock 
Image Name Price
Harvey's Mallet.png
Harvey's Mallet data-sort-value="70">Calico Egg.png 70
Radio Desk.png
Radio Desk data-sort-value="40">Calico Egg.png 40
Model Planes.png
Model Planes data-sort-value="30">Calico Egg.png 30
Coffee x5 (5) data-sort-value="10">Calico Egg.png 10
Jas Icon.png Jas - Permanent Stock 
Image Name Price
Wallpaper 113 Icon.png
Wallpaper data-sort-value="20">Calico Egg.png 20
Ancient Doll.png
Ancient Doll (1) data-sort-value="1">Calico Egg.png 1
Fairy Seeds.png
Fairy Seeds (25) data-sort-value="5">Calico Egg.png 5
Rabbit's Foot.png
Rabbit's Foot (1) data-sort-value="100">Calico Egg.png 100
Magic Rock Candy.png
Magic Rock Candy (1) data-sort-value="300">Calico Egg.png 300
Jodi Icon.png Jodi - Permanent Stock 
Image Name Price
Wallpaper 117 Icon.png
Wallpaper data-sort-value="20">Calico Egg.png 20
Crispy Bass.png
Crispy Bass x3 (5) data-sort-value="25">Calico Egg.png 25
Mixed Seeds.png
Mixed Seeds (25) data-sort-value="5">Calico Egg.png 5
Mixed Flower Seeds.png
Mixed Flower Seeds (50) data-sort-value="2">Calico Egg.png 2
Kent Icon.png Kent - Permanent Stock 
Image Name Price
Wallpaper 114 Icon.png
Wallpaper data-sort-value="20">Calico Egg.png 20
Fiddlehead Fern.png
Fiddlehead Fern (5) data-sort-value="10">Calico Egg.png 10
Staircase (10) data-sort-value="30">Calico Egg.png 30
Wood Chipper.png
Wood Chipper (1) data-sort-value="25">Calico Egg.png 25
Hazelnut (5) data-sort-value="10">Calico Egg.png 10
Leah Icon.png Leah - Permanent Stock 
Image Name Price
Leah's Whittler.png
Leah's Whittler data-sort-value="70">Calico Egg.png 70
Short Bookcase.png
Short Bookcase data-sort-value="40">Calico Egg.png 40
Hardwood (100) data-sort-value="3">Calico Egg.png 3
Salad (5) data-sort-value="20">Calico Egg.png 20
Leo Icon.png Leo - Permanent Stock 
Image Name Price
Wallpaper 119 Icon.png
Wallpaper data-sort-value="20">Calico Egg.png 20
Poi (5) data-sort-value="20">Calico Egg.png 20
Tropical Curry.png
Tropical Curry (5) data-sort-value="30">Calico Egg.png 30
Banana Sapling.png
Banana Sapling (1) data-sort-value="100">Calico Egg.png 100
Marnie Icon.png Marnie - Permanent Stock 
Image Name Price
Wallpaper 115 Icon.png
Wallpaper data-sort-value="20">Calico Egg.png 20
Grass Starter.png
Grass Starter (100) data-sort-value="2">Calico Egg.png 2
Hay (150) data-sort-value="1">Calico Egg.png 1
Truffle Oil.png
Truffle Oil (1) data-sort-value="50">Calico Egg.png 50
Maru Icon.png Maru - Permanent Stock 
Image Name Price
Maru's Wrench.png
Maru's Wrench data-sort-value="70">Calico Egg.png 70
Iridium Bar.png
Iridium Bar (2) data-sort-value="50">Calico Egg.png 50
Goodnight Shirt data-sort-value="25">Calico Egg.png 25
Strawberry Seeds.png
Strawberry Seeds (20) data-sort-value="10">Calico Egg.png 10
Pam Icon.png Pam - Permanent Stock 
Image Name Price
Beer data-sort-value="20">Calico Egg.png 20
Mead data-sort-value="20">Calico Egg.png 20
Pale Ale.png
Pale Ale data-sort-value="30">Calico Egg.png 30
Penny Icon.png Penny - Permanent Stock 
Image Name Price
Penny's Fryer.png
Penny's Fryer data-sort-value="70">Calico Egg.png 70
Strawberry Decal.png
Strawberry Decal data-sort-value="100">Calico Egg.png 100
Night Sky Decal 1.png
Night Sky Decal 1 data-sort-value="30">Calico Egg.png 30
Night Sky Decal 2.png
Night Sky Decal 2 data-sort-value="30">Calico Egg.png 30
Night Sky Decal 3.png
Night Sky Decal 3 data-sort-value="30">Calico Egg.png 30
Pirate Flag.png
Pirate Flag data-sort-value="100">Calico Egg.png 100
Pierre Icon.png Pierre - Permanent Stock 
Image Name Price
Pierre's Sign.png
Pierre's Sign data-sort-value="50">Calico Egg.png 50
Calico Egg.png
Calico Egg (200) data-sort-value="150">Gold.png150g
Squid (5) data-sort-value="10">Calico Egg.png 10
Wheat Flour.png
Wheat Flour (100) data-sort-value="2">Calico Egg.png 2
Oil (100) data-sort-value="4">Calico Egg.png 4
Robin Icon.png Robin - Permanent Stock 
Image Name Price
Wallpaper 118 Icon.png
Wallpaper data-sort-value="20">Calico Egg.png 20
Wood (500) data-sort-value="1">Calico Egg.png 1
Stone (500) data-sort-value="1">Calico Egg.png 1
Furniture Catalogue.png
Furniture Catalogue (1) data-sort-value="1000">Calico Egg.png 1,000
Sam Icon.png Sam - Permanent Stock 
Image Name Price
Sam's Skateboard.png
Sam's Skateboard data-sort-value="50">Calico Egg.png 50
Sam's Old Guitar.png
Sam's Old Guitar data-sort-value="70">Calico Egg.png 70
Maple Bar.png
Maple Bar (5) data-sort-value="20">Calico Egg.png 20
Joja Cola.png
Joja Cola (6) data-sort-value="2">Calico Egg.png 2
Sebastian Icon.png Sebastian - Permanent Stock 
Image Name Price
Seb's Lost Mace.png
Seb's Lost Mace data-sort-value="70">Calico Egg.png 70
Frozen Geode.png
Frozen Geode (5) data-sort-value="10">Calico Egg.png 10
Energy Tonic.png
Energy Tonic (5) data-sort-value="25">Calico Egg.png 25
Shane Icon.png Shane - Permanent Stock 
Image Name Price
Chicken Decal.png
Chicken Decal data-sort-value="60">Calico Egg.png 60
Pizza (5) data-sort-value="5">Calico Egg.png 5
Egg (12) data-sort-value="1">Calico Egg.png 1
Pepper Poppers.png
Pepper Poppers x3 (3) data-sort-value="30">Calico Egg.png 30
Vincent Icon.png Vincent - Permanent Stock 
Image Name Price
Fiber x10 (1) data-sort-value="1">Calico Egg.png 1
Bug Meat.png
Bug Meat (3) data-sort-value="1">Calico Egg.png 1
Sap (1) data-sort-value="1">Calico Egg.png 1
Cave Carrot.png
Cave Carrot (1) data-sort-value="2">Calico Egg.png 2
Skeletal Hand.png
Skeletal Hand (1) data-sort-value="2">Calico Egg.png 2
Clay (20) data-sort-value="1">Calico Egg.png 1
Chipped Amphora.png
Chipped Amphora (1) data-sort-value="1">Calico Egg.png 1

Emily's Outfit Services

Every day, Emily and Sandy offer the player a random new outfit with a short cutscene, in which Emily will pick the clothing that "embodies the player". The player's original outfit is placed in their inventory. If the player tries to re-enter the hut in which the clothing service happens, the player will be blocked from entering, with Emily saying that the player looks great in their new outfit. On days where Emily runs a Villager Shop, Sandy will take over after a bit of hesitation.

There are 61 total makeover outfits: 34 gender-neutral, 13 male-only, and 14 female-only.[5] Each outfit consists of a shirt, a pant, and possibly a hat. Of note, the Dark Ballcap, Joja Cap, and Laurel Wreath Crown can be obtained with three of the gender-neutral outfits. In addition, the Tight Pants can be obtained from a few outfits, and a "soft edge" variant of Basic Pullover (M) can be obtained from one of the male-only outfits.


Chef Desert Festival.png

The Chef gives the player a choice of ingredients to make them a meal with varying effects depending on the ingredients chosen. The player may do so repeatedly and choose different ingredients each time. The meal will be eaten; any effects will be applied immediately and last for 7 minutes.[6] The buffs from dishes are a combination of buffs from both ingredient choices, e.g; Crystal Cake grants both Mining.png Mining (+3) and Luck.png Luck (+1) buffs.

Any dish will restore the player to maximum health and energy.[6] In addition, these dishes will stack with any food or drink buffs from the player.

All Available Dish Combinations:
Choices: Rich Marinara Defense.png Defense (+1) Mushroom Creme Mining.png Mining (+1) Cherry Syrup Luck.png Luck (+1) Pungent Garlic Attack.png Attack (+1) Uncomfortably Hot Sauce Speed.png Speed (+1)
Hearty Beans Defense.png Defense (+3) N/A Earthy Mousse.png Earthy Mousse Sweet Bean Cake.png Sweet Bean Cake Skull Cave Casserole.png Skull Cave Casserole Spicy Tacos.png Spicy Tacos
Cave Loaf Mining.png Mining (+3) Mountain Chili.png Mountain Chili N/A Crystal Cake.png Crystal Cake Cave Kebab.png Cave Kebab Hot Log.png Hot Log
Rare Fruit Luck.png Luck (+3) Sour Salad.png Sour Salad Superfood Cake.png Superfood Cake N/A Warrior Smoothie.png Warrior Smoothie Rumpled Fruit Skin.png Rumpled Fruit Skin
Extremely Sharp Cheddar Attack.png Attack (+3) Calico Pizza.png Calico Pizza Stuffed Mushrooms.png Stuffed Mushrooms Elf Quesadilla.png Elf Quesadilla N/A Nachos Of The Desert.png Nachos Of The Desert
Shrimp Fishing.png Fishing (+3) Cioppino.png Cioppino Rainforest Shrimp.png Rainforest Shrimp Shrimp Donut.png Shrimp Donut Smell Of The Sea.png Smell Of The Sea Desert Gumbo.png Desert Gumbo

Free Cactus

Once per festival, the player may obtain a cactus decor item from the Cactus Salesman at the bottom of the map. This decor is one out of several, and its face, colors, and design vary. The player must have an empty inventory slot to receive the cactus.[6]

Skull Cavern

During the Desert Festival, Marlon offers one-day Skull Cavern-related quests that will award the player Calico Eggs if completed. There are 3 types of quests offered; 2 will randomly be shown each day.[7] The player does not need to have obtained the Skull Key to enter the Skull Cavern during the festival, and the Skull Cavern functions as it normally does (including Treasure Rooms and hard-mode ("Dangerous", "Skull Cavern Invasion"); as such, if hard-mode is toggled on, one may want to toggle it off before the festival!).

Skull Cavern Quests 
Quest Name Quest Text Requirements Reward
Monster Hunt Descend into the Skull Cavern and slay 10 [Monster]. Slay 10 of one of the following: data-sort-value="35">Calico Egg.png 35
Deep Dive Reach level 30 of the Skull Cavern. Reach level 30 of the Skull Cavern. data-sort-value="50">Calico Egg.png 50
Treasure Hunt Collect [Item] from the Skull Cavern. Collect either of the following items: data-sort-value="40">Calico Egg.png 40

The Skull Cavern has a few additions that are unique to the Desert Festival. There are Calico Egg Nodes which, when mined, yield data-sort-value="1-3">Calico Egg.png 1-3.[8] Players can also obtain data-sort-value="1-3">Calico Egg.png 1-3 from slaying monsters and breaking crates and barrels. The chance of finding Calico Egg Nodes steadily increases as players go deeper into the Cavern.[9] This is also true for drop chances from monsters and containers. The monster drop chance ranges from 2%-50%[10], while the container drop chance has a maximum of 33%[11].

Players also gain 1 "Egg Rating" for every 5 floors reached and every Calico Statue activated. Calico Statues may randomly appear once per floor (even Treasure Rooms). Activating the statue can grant a random effect that lasts throughout the player's current descent into the Cavern.

Calico Statue Effects 
Status Description Effect
Buff 10 Calico Eggs Receive data-sort-value="10">Calico Egg.png 10.
25 Calico Eggs Receive data-sort-value="25">Calico Egg.png 25.
50 Calico Eggs Receive data-sort-value="50">Calico Egg.png 50.
100 Calico Eggs! Receive data-sort-value="100">Calico Egg.png 100.
Speed Boost Gain Speed.png Speed (+1) for 5 minutes.[12]
Full refresh! Energy.png Energy and Health.png Health restored to max.[13]
Monsters do less damage Monsters do 25% less damage.[14]
Neutral No effect Nothing (except the usual +1 Egg Rating).
Debuff More Ghosts 15% more Carbon Ghosts spawn[15]; +1% to overall monster spawn chance[16].
More Serpents 15% more Serpents spawn[15]; +1% to overall monster spawn chance[16].
Skeletons are after you... ~10% chance to spawn dangerous Skeletons and ~5% chance to spawn dangerous Haunted Skulls[15]; +1% to overall monster spawn chance[16].
More Bats 15% more Bats spawn[15]; +1% to overall monster spawn chance[16].
Bugs become Assassin Bugs Armored Bugs are replaced with Assassin Bugs (50 Damage, 500 Health, increased Speed, not invincible, uses "dangerous" movement).[17]
Lose more eggs when you're knocked out Lose 50% of the Calico Eggs in inventory when knocked out.[18]
Food is half as effective 50% less Energy and Health from eating food.[19]
More monsters 20% more of all monster types spawn.[16]
Monsters do more damage Monsters do 25% more damage.[14]
Mummies have become angry Mummies are replaced with their dangerous variants and have doubled Speed.[20]

Talking to Gil presents the option to submit the day's highest Egg Rating for prizes. These prizes, based on the player's Egg Rating, include Calico Eggs, food, drinks, and other items.[6]

Gil's Egg Rating Prizes 
Egg Rating Gil's Response Rewards
1-4 "...[Egg Rating #]? Hahahaha.... okay, kiddo. Here's a little prizey for you... now, go along and play with the other kids."
5-9 "...[Egg Rating #]? That's not too impressive, but at least you had the gumption to try. Here's a little something."
10-14 "[Egg Rating #], huh? Not bad, not bad... of course, when I was your age I was doin' twice that. With a Rusty Sword, and no food!"
15-19 "[Egg Rating #]... that ain't bad at all. That's the kind of number we're looking for in the Adventurer's Guild. Here's your prize."
20-24 "[Egg Rating #]? Okay, now I'm impressed... Hey, Marlon! Get a load of this... an Egg Rating of [Egg Rating #] for the day!"
25-54 "[Egg Rating #]!?! Well, I'll be... We've got a real Calico Egg hunter here!"
55-999 "[Egg Rating #]!?!?!?!?!?!?!?"
1000+ You hear a voice in your head: ‘It would be dishonorable to submit an egg rating acquired through the use of cheat code software!’ None

Harvey's Medical Station

If the player loses all Health in the Skull Cavern and is knocked out, they will awaken at Harvey's "shop" located in the festival next to the Cavern entrance. The player will awaken with 10 Health, and they will not lose any additional Energy or Gold. The player will keep their items, but they will lose 20% of the Calico Eggs in their inventory.[18] Talking to Harvey will result in the same dialogue as before the player died.

Willy's Fishing Quests

Willy offers one-day fishing-related quests that will award the player Calico Eggs upon completion. There is a different quest for each day of the festival.[6] On Spring 17, the Golden Bobber.png Golden Bobber will appear in the first Treasure Chest fished up.[21]

Fishing Quests 
Day Quest Description Reward
Spring.png 15 Spring Willy's Challenge: Catch 3 Sandfish. data-sort-value="25">Calico Egg.png 25
Spring.png 16 Spring Willy's Challenge: Catch a Scorpion Carp. data-sort-value="50">Calico Egg.png 50
Spring.png 17 Spring Willy: A fish swallowed me rare golden bobber! There's 30 eggs for whoever returns it. data-sort-value="30">Calico Egg.png 30


The Scholar asks the player a series of four questions. If all four answers are correct, then the reward is data-sort-value="50">Calico Egg.png 50. The player has one chance per day to achieve this. After a successful round of questions, the player must wait until next year to receive another reward. Questions are randomized every time they are asked.

One of the questions asks the player to recall their total number of steps taken. Three options are given. The order of the options is randomized, but the numerically middle value will always be correct.[22]

Scholar's Questions and Answers 
# Questions Answers
1 Who runs the Blacksmith in Pelican Town? Clint
Who runs the Museum in Pelican Town? Gunther
Who runs the Saloon in Pelican Town? Gus
Who runs the Fish Shop in Pelican Town? Willy
Who runs the Animal Shop in Pelican Town? Marnie
Who runs the General Store in Pelican Town? Pierre
What is the date of the season's end? 28th
Where are we? Calico Desert
2 What season does Garlic grow in? Spring
What season does Red Cabbage grow in? Summer
What season does Artichoke grow in? Fall
When does the Apricot tree bear fruit? Spring
When does the Peach tree bear fruit? Summer
When does the Pomegranate tree bear fruit? Fall
When is Pierre's Shop normally closed? Wednesday
3 In what season can you catch Carp? Any Season
In what season can you catch Pufferfish? Summer
In what season can you catch Salmon? Fall
In what season can you catch Squid? Winter
How many steps have you taken? Choose the numerically middle value.
How much does a Chicken cost? data-sort-value="800">Gold.png800g
How much does a Cow cost? data-sort-value="1500">Gold.png1,500g
How much does a Pig cost? data-sort-value="16000">Gold.png16,000g
How much does a Rabbit cost? data-sort-value="8000">Gold.png8,000g
How much does a Duck cost? data-sort-value="1200">Gold.png1,200g
4 Where might you catch the Stonefish? Mine level 20
Where might you catch the Ice Pip? Mine level 60
Where might you catch the Lava Eel? Mine level 100
What is George's last name? Mullner
How many garbage cans are there in Pelican Town? 8

Shrouded Figure

The Shrouded Figure offers to teleport the player back to their farm for data-sort-value="250">Gold.png250g, like in the Night Market during Winter. It functions the same as the Warp Totem: Farm.

Traveling Cart

The Traveling Cart makes an appearance with her standard cart, sporting an umbrella over the pig's head. A selection of the usual items is sold (with a new re-randomized stock for each of the 3 days), including the Wedding Ring recipe in a Multiplayer game. The shop opens at 12 pm.

Villager Attendees

Like the Night Market, villagers will deviate from their regular schedules to attend the Desert Festival. The lists below show which villagers attend on which days each year.

If a villager hosts a Villager Shop, then this will override their regular schedules (e.g., they may appear at the Desert Festival on days they normally would not).[4]

Spring 15

Abigail Icon.png Abigail

Alex Icon.png Alex

Caroline Icon.png Caroline

Elliott Icon.png Elliott

Gus Icon.png Gus

Haley Icon.png Haley

Leah Icon.png Leah

Pierre Icon.png Pierre

Sam Icon.png Sam

Sebastian Icon.png Sebastian

Spring 16

Clint Icon.png Clint

Demetrius Icon.png Demetrius

Haley Icon.png Haley

Leo Icon.png Leo

Linus Icon.png Linus

Maru Icon.png Maru

Pam Icon.png Pam

Penny Icon.png Penny

Robin Icon.png Robin

Spring 17

Evelyn Icon.png Evelyn

George Icon.png George

Jas Icon.png Jas

Jodi Icon.png Jodi

Kent Icon.png Kent

Marnie Icon.png Marnie

Shane Icon.png Shane

Vincent Icon.png Vincent

Every day

Emily Icon.png Emily

Harvey Icon.png Harvey

Lewis Icon.png Lewis

Sandy Icon.png Sandy

Willy Icon.png Willy


  • The trash bin next to the Calico Egg Merchant's shop can be checked and contains data-sort-value="5-8">Calico Egg.png 5-8 once per day.[23]
  • Since the game uses a unique desert map during festival days, items a player has placed in the Desert (like Chests) may disappear during the Desert Festival. These items should return on Spring 18.


  • The racer Shoebiscuit's name is likely a reference to the famous race horse Seabiscuit.


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  • 1.6: Introduced.
  • 1.6.4: Can no longer get calico rating points by going down the normal mines.
  • 1.6.6: Fixed Emily makeover event from being hard to skip.