Wizard's Tower

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Wizard Tower
Wizzard tower.gif
Open Hours: 6:00AM to 11:00PM

Wizard Icon.png Wizard

The Wizard's Tower is the home of the Wizard. It is located at the western edge of Cindersap Forest.

The door to the Wizard's Tower is locked until you have access to the Community Center and have read the golden scroll in the Crafts Room.

If you have delayed in unlocking your Community Center until the day before a holiday prompting the game to then give you the letter from the Wizard on a holiday, the door to his tower will be locked; and you will have to come back the next day to unlock your ability to read the Junimo language.

Basement Room

After reaching four hearts with the Wizard, players will gain access to a basement where they can change the appearance they set at character creation. The Shrine of Illusions requires an offering of Gold.png500g each time it is used.

In late game, after players complete the quest Goblin Problem to gain passage to the Witch's Hut a teleportation rune will activate in the basement, allowing free passage between the basement room and the Witch's Hut anytime.

The basement room with the teleporter to the Witch's Hut


For the traditional farm Buildings see Farm Buildings

After retrieving the Wizard's magic ink he'll make some unique buildings available for sale. These buildings will be conjured by him, requiring no build time. All are very expensive, and intended to better quality of life for end-game players.

To summon buildings interact with the magic book inside tower. This construction menu can move both conjured buildings and those constructed by Robin.

Image Name Description Cost Size
Earth Obelisk.png
Earth Obelisk Warps you to the mountains.

Gold.png1,000,000g Iridium Bar.png Iridium Bar (10) Earth Crystal.png Earth Crystal (10)

Water Obelisk.png
Water Obelisk Warps you to the beach.

Gold.png1,000,000g Iridium Bar.png Iridium Bar (5) Clam.png Clam (10) Coral.png Coral (10)

Junimo Hut.png
Junimo Hut Junimos will harvest crops around the hut for you.

Gold.png20,000g Stone.png Stone (200) Starfruit.png Starfruit (9) Fiber.png Fiber (100)

Gold Clock.png
Gold Clock Prevents debris from appearing on your farm. Keeps fences from decaying.




  • 1.0: Introduced.
  • 1.1: Added buildings for purchase. Added teleporter to Witch's Hut in basement.