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Below is a list of all Shop Schedules, including when they are open or closed.

Note: All buildings and homes in Stardew Valley are "locked" on all festival days where the festival begins before 7pm (i.e., all festivals other than Spirit's Eve and Dance of the Moonlight Jellies). The Sewers, Community Center, Movie Theater, and the Spa will remain open. Shops and homes remain locked all day, even if the player does not attend the festival.

The Night Market festival is unique, in that no homes or shops are locked during festival days (Winter 15-17).

Obtaining the Key To The Town expands access to shops, but (despite its description) it has some restrictions.

Store Name Time Open Shop times with
Key To The Town.png Key to the Town
Regular Days Off Closure due to Festivals Closure due to Check-up Additional Notes
Adventurer's Guild 2pm - 2am 6am - 2am None All None
Blacksmith 9am - 4pm 6am - 7pm Friday after Community Center is restored All Winter 16 (Clint)
Carpenter's Shop 9am - 5pm 8:20am - 5pm Tuesday All Summer 18 (Robin) Closed when Robin working on your farm.
Closes at 4pm on Fridays.
Fish Shop 9am - 5pm no change Saturday (only if not raining) All Spring 9 (Willy) Spring 9: Can shop from 9am-10am before Willy leaves for his check-up.
Shop doors open at 8 after Boat to Ginger Island is repaired, though Willy's schedule remains unchanged.
Harvey's Clinic 9am - 3pm no change None All None Cannot shop on Saturdays.
Can shop until 2pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Can shop until 12pm on Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.
Ice Cream Stand 1pm - 5pm no change Wednesday and Rainy Days None Summer 16 (Alex) Only open in the Summer
JojaMart 9am - 11pm 6am - 2am None All None Permanently closes after Community Center Bundles are completed.
Marnie's Ranch

9am - 4pm.

9am - 6pm (with Animal Catalogue)

6am - 8:30am, 9am - 5pm.

6am - 2am (with Animal Catalogue)

Monday and Tuesday All

Fall 18 (Marnie)

Winter 18 (Jas)

If Animal Catalogue has been read, the shop is accessible even when Marnie is not behind the counter.
Oasis (and Casino) 9am - 11:50pm no change Fall 15, after 1pm (Oasis only) All except Feast of the Winter Star None Must be accessed by a Warp Totem: Desert or Desert Obelisk on Spring 25 (Pam's checkup at Harvey's Clinic)
Pierre's General Store 9am - 5pm 6am - 7am, 8:30am - 5pm Wednesday (unless Bundles are completed) All None Open every day after Community Center Bundles are completed.
The Stardrop Saloon 12pm - 12am no change None All Fall 4 (Gus) Fall 4: Opens at 12pm, but cannot shop until 4:30pm when Gus returns from his checkup
Traveling Cart 6am - 8pm no change Monday through Thursday, and Saturday None None
Wizard's Tower 6am - 11pm 6am - 2am None All None May be accessed after 11pm and during festivals through the Witch's Hut
Desert Trader 6am - 2am no change None Winter 15-17 None Must be accessed by a Warp Totem: Desert or Desert Obelisk on Spring 25 (Pam's checkup at Harvey's Clinic)
Movie Theater 9am - 9pm no change None None None