Harvey's Clinic

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Medical Clinic.png
Open Hours: 9:00AM to 3:00PM


Harvey's Clinic is located in the center of Pelican Town, next to Pierre's General Store. Harvey lives and works at the clinic. Maru occasionally helps him out, despite both complaining about the lack of patients.

Some villagers will visit the clinic for their annual checkup.

Medical Supplies

Image Name Description Effects Purchase Price Sell Price
Energy Tonic.png Energy Tonic Restores a lot of energy. Energy (500) Health (225) 1,000g 500g
Muscle Remedy.png Muscle Remedy When you've pushed your body too hard, drink this to remove Exhaustion. Energy (50) Health (22) 1,000g 500g

Note: Gifting medical supplies is possible, but not recommended since they are Universally hated.