1 Willow Lane

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1 Willow Lane
1 Willow Lane.png
Open Hours: 9:00am - 8:00pm
Address: 1 Willow Lane

Jodi Icon.png Jodi

Kent Icon.png Kent

Sam Icon.png Sam

Vincent Icon.png Vincent

1 Willow Lane is the address of Jodi, Kent, Sam, and Vincent. It's the house just next to Pelican Town's southwest passage. The house just next door belongs to Haley and Emily.

Initially Kent is away, and the only occupants are Jodi, Sam, and Vincent. He returns at the start of the second year.

Interior Layout

Just inside the house to the right is Vincent's bedroom. The larger bedroom beside that belongs to Sam. Jodi and Kent share a bedroom in the back of the house, past the kitchen. They have a single bed, despite other married couples having a double bed.

Players must gain two hearts of friendship with each character before being allowed access to their bedroom.

1 Willow Lane Interior.png


If a Strange Bun is placed inside of the toy box in Vincent's bedroom, the player will receive a ??Foroguemon??.png ??Foroguemon?? statue.