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Warning: Spoilers

This page or section contains unmarked spoilers from update 1.5 of Stardew Valley. Mobile players may want to avoid or be cautious toward reading this article.

Island Field Office
Island Field Office.png
Map with Island.png
Open Hours: Always
Address: North Side of Ginger Island.

Professor Snail Icon.png Professor Snail

The Island Field Office can be found in Ginger Island North, south of the Volcano and east of the Dig Site.

Until Professor Snail is rescued from the nearby cave, the office remains empty with no interactable elements. After the rescue, donate fossils at the office work desk or respond to the Island Surveys posted on the wall to receive Golden Walnuts.


Professor Snail is seeking the mummified bodily remains of two different creatures and all the skeletal pieces of two more to construct a display about the natural history of the island. Multiple fossils of the same kind may be required to complete the skeletons.

Items can be found throughout Ginger Island in Artifact Spots, by fishing, breaking bone nodes and weeds, killing monsters, or panning.

Large Animal

Image Item (# Required) Description How to Obtain
Fossilized Leg.png
Fossilized Leg (2) A thick and sturdy leg bone. Breaking Bone Nodes at the Dig Site
Fossilized Ribs.png
Fossilized Ribs (1) Long ago, these ribs protected the body of a large animal.
Fossilized Skull.png
Fossilized Skull (1) It's a perfect specimen! Cracking open a Golden Coconut
Fossilized Spine.png
Fossilized Spine (1) A column of interlocking vertebrae.
Fossilized Tail.png
Fossilized Tail (1) This tail has a club-like feature at the tip. Panning in the Dig Site river


Image Item (# Required) Description How to Obtain
Mummified Frog.png
Mummified Frog (1) This ancient frog may have lived in the jungle canopy. Cutting weeds in the Ginger Island jungle


Image Item (# Required) Description How to obtain
Mummified Bat.png
Mummified Bat (1) The delicate wings have been perfectly preserved. Breaking rocks in the Volcano Dungeon


Image Item (# Required) Description How to Obtain
Snake Skull.png
Snake Skull (1) A preserved skull that once belonged to a snake.
Snake Vertebrae.png
Snake Vertebrae (2) It appears this serpent may have been extremely flexible. Digging Artifact Spots at the west side of Ginger Island

Island Survey

The professor will ask the player to locate the number of an item located throughout the entire island.

The player may attempt to answer the survey correctly once per day, and must wait until the next day if answering incorrectly.

Purple Flowers

22 Purple Flowers

Purple Starfish

18 Purple Starfish

Completion Reward

A completed Island Field Office
  • For completing the Large Animal collection, the player is rewarded with 6 Golden Walnuts and 1 Banana Sapling.
  • For completing the Snake collection, the player is rewarded with 3 Golden Walnuts and 1 Mango Sapling.
  • For donating the Mummified Frog, the player is rewarded with 1 Golden Walnut.
  • For donating the Mummified Bat, the player is rewarded with 1 Golden Walnut.
  • For completing each Island Survey, the player is rewarded with 1 Golden Walnut.
  • For completing all four fossils and the two island surveys, the player is rewarded with the Ostrich Incubator.png Ostrich Incubator recipe.


  • 1.5: Introduced.