Prehistoric Handaxe

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Prehistoric Handaxe
Prehistoric Handaxe.png
One of the earliest tools employed by humans. This "crude" tool was created by striking one rock with another to form a sharp edge.
Artifact Spots:
Monster Drops: N/A
Other Sources: Artifact Trove.png Artifact Trove
Sell Price: Gold.png50g

The Prehistoric Handaxe is an Artifact that can be found by digging up an Artifact Spot in the Mountains, Cindersap Forest, or the Bus Stop area. It also has a chance to appear inside Artifact Troves.


Donation of this item contributes to the total count of the donations for the Museum.


Villager Reactions


A Prehistoric Handaxe can be used in the spool of the Sewing Machine to create the Caveman Shirt. Shirt156.png