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This page or section contains unmarked spoilers from update 1.6 of Stardew Valley. Players may want to avoid or be cautious toward reading this article/section.


Trout Derby is a fishing mini festival that occurs on the 20th and 21st of Summer. The festival begins at 6:10am and ends at 2:00am on both days. The festival takes place in Cindersap Forest by the river near Marnie's Ranch. During the festival, players can fish in the river to catch Rainbow Trout, which can be caught all day long and regardless of weather.

Each Rainbow Trout catch (from anywhere with the exception of from a Fish Pond) has a 33% chance to give the player a Golden Tag.png Golden Tag. This chance is multiplied by the number of Rainbow Trout caught, so it increases to 66% if 2 Rainbow Trout are caught at once and to 99% if 3 are caught at once.[1] Only 1 Golden Tag can be caught per catch even if the player caught multiple Rainbow Trout at once. When a Golden Tag is obtained, if the player did not get a Fishing Treasure Chest it will be caught with the fish itself. Otherwise it will be obtained with the treasure chest that appears while catching the Rainbow Trout. While Golden Tags can be obtained from Rainbow Trouts in other locations, with the exception of Farm Maps with Cindersap Forest fish (Riverland, Hilltop, Forest, and Meadowlands), Rainbow Trout can only be caught with their normal restrictions in these areas.

Golden Tags can be exchanged for prizes at the booth.

Golden Tags carry over from day to day and can be saved for subsequent years.

Unlike other festivals, shops and homes throughout Stardew Valley are not closed on the days of the event, and time continues to pass during the festival. Animals also need to be fed during the event; the game will not automatically consider them to be fed.

Derby Booth

When interacting with the booth, the player can choose to either exchange a Golden Tag for a prize or receive an explanation of the event.


The player exchanges Golden Tags 1 by 1 for the available prizes. Each Golden Tag needs to be exchanged individually, even if they have more than one in their inventory.

The first prize the player receives will always be 1 Tent Kit.png Tent Kit. Afterwards, the player can get one of 10 possible prizes listed below. The first of these prizes is given at random, with the next prize guaranteed to be the one listed next on this list, with 1 Bucket Hat rewarded after 3 Omni Geodes.[2] After receiving all 10 listed prizes, the player will earn the prizes again in the same order.


“During this event, Rainbow Trout have a chance of carrying a 'Golden Tag'. If you find one, turn it in here for a prize!”
— In-game explanation of event
“Seems like you don't have any Golden Tags... better get fishing!”
— Dialogue upon trying to claim a prize without a Golden Tag in inventory
“Looks like your bag's full. Better make some room first.”
— Dialogue upon trying to claim a prize with a full inventory


Starting a few days before the festival, a sign will be erected at the same location as the derby booth.

“-----Trout Derby-----
This weekend, Summer 20th through 21st:
Come prove your freshwater skills and win prizes!
(Note: Any personal items found near this sign will be sent to the lost and found)”


Other unknown characters from outside of Stardew Valley also participate in the Trout Derby festival. Below is a list of quotes from them.


“Fisherman: I came all the way from Grampleton for this.
Fisherman: I'm not leaving without a bag full of trout!”
“Mariner: I think I'm a little overdressed for this event.”
“Mariner: Of course... some guy shows up wearing the same outfit as me. How embarassing!”
“Fisherman: Excuse me, I'm trying to enjoy the peace and quiet.
Fisherman: ...
Fisherman: ...
Fisherman: ...
Fisherman: Can't you take a hint?
Fisherman: ...
Fisherman: ...
Fisherman: ...
Fisherman: Someone's about to get battered, and it ain't the trout.
“Fishing Sisters: We're the famous fishing sisters!
Fishing Sisters: We'll fish as many fish as we wish! Nah Nah Nah!”
“Angler: Any luck? Most of the bites I'm getting are from the mosquitos...”
“Trout Man: Where I come from, they call me 'Trout Man'.
Trout Man: Yep, I spent five years learning how to think like a trout. Pretty simple, actually: food, food, food, lay eggs, rest, eat more food.
Trout Man: I happen to like food, myself. Not so good at laying eggs, though.”
“Fisherman: Trying to get away from the crowds? I had the same idea.”
“Fishing Pro: I know it's not a competition, but still... whoever gets the most tags will have bragging rights for the rest of the year!
Fishing Pro: I'll be back in winter for SquidFest... Now that's a real challenge!
Fishing Pro: The secret to catching trout is, you gotta give them a presentation that looks so delicious, they can't help but take a bite...”
“Fisherman: Ah, now this is the life. Nothing is more tranquil than a day of trout fishing.”


  • Using Challenge Bait and getting a perfect catch will almost guarantee getting a Golden Tag, as then 3 Rainbow Trout are caught at once. The player can use Cork Bobbers or Fishing Buffs to increase the size of the fishing bar, making it more likely to get a perfect.
  • The player can also craft a Bait Maker to obtain some Rainbow Trout Bait, which will significantly increase the amount of Rainbow Trout the player can catch each day.


If Mayonnaise is consumed to recover energy, there is a humorous set of lines that the fishers near the player will say:

“Green Shirt Fisher: Gross...”
“Green Shirt Fisher: Did you just...?”
“Green Shirt Fisher: Why?!”


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  • 1.6: Introduced.