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Flower Festival.jpg

The Flower Dance takes place on the 24th of every Spring. You enter the dance by entering Cindersap Forest between 9am and 2pm. (You cannot enter the forest before 9am.) When the festival ends, you will be returned to The Farm at 10pm.

The dance takes place in the far west of the forest, across the bridge that is south of the Wizard's Tower. This area is accessible only during the Flower Dance.

On the day of the Festival, every home and shop in Stardew Valley is "locked" and cannot be entered.

During this festival, you can dance with one of the bachelors or bachelorettes. You must talk to them (twice) and invite them to dance, but they will refuse unless you have four hearts of friendship with them. You can talk to the other villagers and they will have event-related dialogue.

Dancing will increase friendship with your partner by 1 heart (250 points).

Once you talk to Mayor Lewis, the dance begins. The festival ends after the dance is performed.


Pierre has a booth from which he sells the following items.

Image Name Description Price
Tub o' Flowers.png
Tub o' Flowers Place this decorative item on your farm. Gold.png1,000g
Tub o' Flowers Recipe Blueprints for crafting a Tub o' Flowers Gold.png2,000g
Daffodil A spring flower that makes a nice gift. Gold.png50g
Dandelion A spring flower, good in salads. Gold.png50g
Rarecrow 5.png
Rarecrow Collect them all! (5 of 8) Gold.png2,500g


Flower Dance Mail.png


  • If you stay between Gus and the flowers at the southwest corner of the event, before the Flower Dance starts, Pam will walk over you, making you unable to move at all. You can either wait for Pam to move or restart your game.


  • It is technically possible to get a date to the Flower Dance in the first year.
  • After you are married, you can choose to dance with other partners. Your spouse may dance with someone else as well.
  • Talking to Haley before starting the Flower Dance will result in her saying that she is "practicing her dance moves". However, her sprite appears to just be wandering around aimlessly.



v1.3 Beta Changes

Note: These changes are currently being tested in the v1.3 Beta branch of the game.
The final version of the game may or may not include the changes as described below.

Spoilers ahead! 
Pierre sells Seasonal Decor, and two Seasonal Plants. The price of the Tub o' Flowers has decreased from Gold.png1,000g to Gold.png250g. The price for the Tub o' Flowers recipe has decreased from Gold.png2,000g to Gold.png1,000g.