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The Wallet shown on the Skills Tab

The Wallet is a type of character inventory found under the Skills Tab of the player menu, and is used to store special items.

Special Items

Image Name Use
Dwarvish Translation Guide.png
Dwarvish Translation Guide It is used to unlock the ability to speak to the Dwarf merchant in The Mines.
Rusty Key.png
Rusty Key It is used to enter The Sewers.
Club Card.png
Club Card It is used to enter the Casino.
Special Charm.png
Special Charm Increases daily Luck. Unobtainable
Skull Key.png
Skull Key It is used to unlock the door in the Skull Cavern and play Junimo Kart in The Stardrop Saloon.
Dark Talisman.png
Dark Talisman Quest item
Magic Ink.png
Magic Ink Quest item