Dwarvish Sentry

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Dwarvish Sentry
Dwarvish Sentry.png
Spawns In: Volcano Dungeon
Floors: All
Killable: Yes
Base HP: 300
Base Damage: 18
Base Def: 5
Speed: 3
XP: 15
Variations: None
Drops: Amethyst.png Amethyst (10%)Aquamarine.png Aquamarine (10%)Diamond.png Diamond (10%)Emerald.png Emerald (10%)Jade.png Jade (10%)Ruby.png Ruby (10%)Topaz.png Topaz (10%)

If reached bottom of Mines:

Diamond.png Diamond (0.05%)Prismatic Shard.png Prismatic Shard (0.05%)

The Dwarvish Sentry is an enemy found in the Volcano Dungeon. It has a 24% chance to spawn from a broken metal crate.


They move extremely slowly and are immune to knockback.


  • 1.5: Introduced.