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Serpent Anim.gif
Spawns In: Skull Cavern
Floors: All
Killable: Yes
Base HP: 150
Base Damage: 23
Base Def: 0
Speed: 2
XP: 20
Variations: Royal Serpent
Drops: Bomb.png Bomb (15%)Prismatic Shard.png Prismatic Shard (0.1%)Rabbit's Foot.png Rabbit's Foot (0.8%)Red Cabbage Seeds.png Red Cabbage Seeds (0.2%)[1]Spicy Eel.png Spicy Eel (6%)Void Essence.png Void Essence (99%)Void Essence.png Void Essence (15%)Red Cabbage Seeds.png Red Cabbage Seeds (0.2%)Diamond.png Diamond (0.05%)Prismatic Shard.png Prismatic Shard (0.05%)

Serpents are an enemy found in the Skull Cavern.


Serpents will fly at the player at high velocities, dealing a fairly large amount of damage on hit. They are common, meaning that they can easily swarm the player if they do not have a strong enough weapon.


Swing early as the hitbox for the enemy is larger than the sprite. Even quicker weapons like the Galaxy Sword can have a trade of hits if swung too late.


  1. See StardewValley.Monsters.Serpent::getExtraDropItems() in the game code.