Shadow Shaman

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Shadow Shaman
Shadow Shaman Anim.gif
Spawns In: The Mines
Floors: 81-119
Killable: Yes
Base HP: 80
Base Damage: 17
Base Def: 2
Speed: 3
XP: 15
Variations: Shadow Shaman Dangerous.png Shadow Shaman (dangerous)
Drops: Coal.png Coal (1-3, 10%)Copper Bar.png Copper Bar (4%)Dwarf Scroll III.png Dwarf Scroll III (0.5%)Dwarf Scroll IV.png Dwarf Scroll IV (0.1%)Gold Bar.png Gold Bar (1%)Iridium Bar.png Iridium Bar (0.2%)Iron Bar.png Iron Bar (2%)Prismatic Shard.png Prismatic Shard (0.05%)Rare Disc.png Rare Disc (0.3%)Void Essence.png Void Essence (75%)Void Essence.png Void Essence (20%)

If reached bottom of Mines:

Diamond.png Diamond (0.05%)Prismatic Shard.png Prismatic Shard (0.05%)

Shadow Shaman are void spirit Monsters found in the Mines after floor 80. Killing 150 void spirits is a Monster Eradication Goal in the Adventurer's Guild. Both Shadow Shaman and Shadow Brutes are counted toward this goal.


Shadow Shaman are magic users, with a healing spell that heals the Shadow Shaman itself and all enemies in the immediate area by 60 health points. They also shoot a small green fireball that bounces around and gives the player the Jinxed.png Jinxed debuff when hit, which lowers the player's Defense by 8. Players can increase their chances of avoiding the jinxed debuff when hit by a fireball by wearing footwear that increases immunity. A ring of leaves appears around a Shadow Shaman when it is about to cast a spell.

Shadow Shaman can also come towards you similarly to a Shadow Brute and damage you if they touch you.

When Shadow Shaman are at very low HP, their behavior changes drastically; they will no longer attack the player or attempt to heal other enemies, and will try to move away from the player as much as possible.


Kill them first in combat to keep them from healing others. If you are hit by their jinx spell, it is advisable to retreat before fighting other enemies.


  • 1.0: Introduced.