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Exhaustion indicator

Energy is consumed by using tools, fishing, combat or eating negative energy food. It can be replenished by eating food or standing in the Spa. If the player is exhausted, restoration effects during sleep time are cut in half. Eating a Stardrop will permanently increase maximum energy by 34 points.

Players become exhausted when their energy drops to 0 or below. At this point, they are unable to run. Eating something will make them able to run again, but the exhaustion indicator will persist through the day. Persisting in energy consuming activities will make them pass out, ending the day.

Consuming Muscle Remedy will remove the exhaustion indicator. If a player is married, kissing his/her spouse will remove the exhaustion indicator too; this only works for the first kiss of the day.

To consume food, put it on the hotbar (the top row of inventory) and right-click it. A notification in the bottom left of the screen will display energy and health gained by eating food. Typically, more expensive food will provide more energy than cheaper food items.

Sleeping at the end of the day will fully restore the player's energy bar. If the player passes out or is exhausted when they go to bed, they'll wake up in the morning with less than 100% energy (roughly 50% - 75% energy). If the player passes out and is found by a Joja Team Member, a medical team will be summoned and the player will be charged 1,000g for the service.

The Player starts the game with 270 energy. Up to a maximum of 508 energy can be achieved after eating every Stardrop. Certain food can temporarily increase max energy.


  • When eating healing items, you gain approximately 12.5% more energy than what is displayed in the tooltip.