Iridium Bar

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Iridium Bar
Iridium Bar.png
A bar of pure iridium.
Source: Furnace
Sell Price: Gold.png1,000g
Blacksmith Icon.png Blacksmith Profession:
(+50% Sell Price)

Equipment: Furnace
Time to Craft: 8h
Ingredients: Iridium Ore (5) Coal (1)

An Iridium Bar is crafted by smelting 5 Iridium Ore and 1 Coal in a Furnace. Purple Slimes in the Skull Cavern or Slime Hutch have a chance to drop Iridium Bars and Ore when slain. Shadow Shaman and Shadow Brutes can also drop an Iridium Bar when slain (0.2% chance). The Traveling Cart may sell an Iridium Bar for Coin Icon3,000-5,000g. One Iridium Bar can also be received as a gift from Clint at the Feast of the Winter Star. An Iridium Bar can be shipped or sold to Clint at the Blacksmith Shop for Gold.png1,000g.

In real life, iridium is a rare silver, brittle metal that can be hazardous in a fine dust and has toxic radioactive isotopes. It is often used to produce hard, durable surfaces for high-precision tools and machine parts.


Iridium Bars are required in the final upgrade for tools, as well as other end-game items, such as the Iridium Sprinkler.

Image Name Cost Ingredients
Iridium Hoe.png Iridium Hoe Gold.png25,000g

Iridium Bar (5)

Iridium Pickaxe.png Iridium Pickaxe Gold.png25,000g

Iridium Bar (5)

Iridium Axe.png Iridium Axe Gold.png25,000g

Iridium Bar (5)

Iridium Watering Can.png Iridium Watering Can Gold.png25,000g

Iridium Bar (5)


Image Name Description Ingredients Recipe Source
Iridium Sprinkler.png
Iridium Sprinkler Waters the 24 adjacent tiles every morning. Gold Bar (1)

Iridium Bar (1) Battery Pack (1)

Farming Skill Icon.png Farming Level 9
Iridium Band.png
Iridium Band Glows, attracts items, and increases attack damage by 10%. Iridium Bar (5)

Solar Essence (50) Void Essence (50)

Combat Skill Icon.png Combat Level 9
Crystalarium Insert a gem of your choice and it will grow copies. Stone (99)

Gold Bar (5) Iridium Bar (2) Battery Pack (1)

Mining Skill Icon.png Mining Level 9
Slime Incubator.png
Slime Incubator Hatches slime eggs into slimes. Allows you to raise slimes outdoors. Iridium Bar (2)

Slime (100)

Combat Skill Icon.png Combat Level 8


Iridium bars are used in these buildings purchased from the Carpenter's Shop and the Wizard's Tower.

Image Name Description Cost Size
Slime Hutch.png
Slime Hutch Raise up to 20 slimes. Fill water troughs and slimes will create slime balls. Gold.png10,000g Stone (500) Refined Quartz (10) Iridium Bar (1) 11x6
Earth Obelisk.png
Earth Obelisk Warps you to the mountains. Gold.png1,000,000g Iridium Bar (10) Earth Crystal (10) 3x3
Water Obelisk.png
Water Obelisk Warps you to the beach. Gold.png1,000,000g Iridium Bar (5) Clam (10) Coral (10) 3x3


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