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Iridium Bar
Iridium Bar.png
A bar of pure iridium.
Source Furnace
Golden Fishing Treasure Chests Shadow Shaman.png Shadow Shaman (0.2%)Shadow Brute.png Shadow Brute (0.2%)Iridium Bat.png Iridium Bat (0.8%)Purple Slime.png Purple Slime (0.9%)Iridium Golem.png Iridium Golem (3%, rolled twice)Statue Of Endless Fortune.png Statue Of Endless Fortune
Sell Prices
Base Blacksmith Icon.png Blacksmith (+50%)
Iridium Bar.png
Iridium Bar.png
Equipment Furnace.png Furnace
Processing Time Time Icon.png 8h
Ingredients Iridium Ore.png Iridium Ore (5)Coal.png Coal (1)

An Iridium Bar is created primarily by smelting 5 Iridium Ore.png Iridium Ore and 1 Coal.png Coal in a Furnace. It can also be obtained in a variety of other ways.

An Iridium Bar can be shipped or sold to Clint at the Blacksmith Shop for data-sort-value="1000">Gold.png1,000g, or data-sort-value="1500">Gold.png1,500g with the Blacksmith Profession.

Iridium Bars can be used for upgrading tools, crafting, building and trading. 3 Iridium Bars are used to reforge Trinkets.


Tool Upgrades

Iridium Bars are required for the final upgrade of tools.

Image Name Cost Ingredients
Iridium Hoe.png Iridium Hoe data-sort-value="25000">Gold.png25,000g Iridium Bar.png Iridium Bar (5)
Iridium Pickaxe.png Iridium Pickaxe data-sort-value="25000">Gold.png25,000g Iridium Bar.png Iridium Bar (5)
Iridium Axe.png Iridium Axe data-sort-value="25000">Gold.png25,000g Iridium Bar.png Iridium Bar (5)
Iridium Watering Can.png Iridium Watering Can data-sort-value="25000">Gold.png25,000g Iridium Bar.png Iridium Bar (5)
Trash Can Iridium.png Iridium Trash Can data-sort-value="12500">Gold.png12,500g Iridium Bar.png Iridium Bar (5)
Iridium Pan.png Iridium Pan data-sort-value="25000">Gold.png25,000g Iridium Bar.png Iridium Bar (5)


Image Name Description Ingredients Recipe Source
Iridium Sprinkler.png
Iridium Sprinkler Waters the 24 adjacent tiles every morning. Iridium Bar.png Iridium Bar (1)Gold Bar.png Gold Bar (1)Battery Pack.png Battery Pack (1) Farming Skill Icon.png Farming Level 9
Iridium Band.png
Iridium Band Glows, attracts items, and increases attack damage by 10%. Iridium Bar.png Iridium Bar (5)Solar Essence.png Solar Essence (50)Void Essence.png Void Essence (50) Combat Skill Icon.png Combat Level 9
Crystalarium Insert a gem of your choice and it will grow copies. Iridium Bar.png Iridium Bar (2)Stone.png Stone (99)Gold Bar.png Gold Bar (5)Battery Pack.png Battery Pack (1) Mining Skill Icon.png Mining Level 9
Slime Incubator.png
Slime Incubator Hatches slimes eggs into slimes. Allows you to raise slimes outdoors. Iridium Bar.png Iridium Bar (2)Slime.png Slime (100) Combat Skill Icon.png Combat Level 8
Wedding Ring.png
Wedding Ring An old Zuzu City tradition... It's used to ask for another farmer's hand in marriage.
Note: Multiplayer only
Iridium Bar.png Iridium Bar (5)Prismatic Shard.png Prismatic Shard (1) Traveling Cart Icon.png Traveling Cart (data-sort-value="500">Gold.png500g)
Deluxe Fertilizer.png
Deluxe Fertilizer (5) Greatly improves soil quality, increasing your chance to grow quality crops. Mix into tilled soil. Iridium Bar.png Iridium Bar (1)Sap.png Sap (40) Mr. Qi Icon.png Mr. Qi (data-sort-value="20">Qi Gem.png 20)
Hopper Items placed inside will automatically be loaded into the machine in front of it. Iridium Bar.png Iridium Bar (1)Hardwood.png Hardwood (10)Radioactive Bar.png Radioactive Bar (1) Mr. Qi Icon.png Mr. Qi (data-sort-value="50">Qi Gem.png 50)
Statue Of The Dwarf King.png
Statue Of The Dwarf King Choose from two mining-related powers each day. Iridium Bar.png Iridium Bar (20) Mining Skill Icon.png Mining Mastery
Mini-Forge Now, you can use a dwarvish forge from the convenience of your home. Dragon Tooth.png Dragon Tooth (5)Iron Bar.png Iron Bar (10)Gold Bar.png Gold Bar (10)Iridium Bar.png Iridium Bar (5) Combat Skill Icon.png Combat Mastery


Iridium bars are used in these buildings purchased from the Carpenter's Shop and the Wizard's Tower.

Image Name Description Cost Size
Slime Hutch.png
Slime Hutch Raise up to 20 slimes. Fill water troughs and slimes will create slime balls. data-sort-value="10000">Gold.png10,000gStone.png Stone (500)Refined Quartz.png Refined Quartz (10)Iridium Bar.png Iridium Bar (1) 7x4
Earth Obelisk.png
Earth Obelisk Warps you to the mountains. data-sort-value="500000">Gold.png500,000gIridium Bar.png Iridium Bar (10)Earth Crystal.png Earth Crystal (10) 3x2
Water Obelisk.png
Water Obelisk Warps you to the beach. data-sort-value="500000">Gold.png500,000gIridium Bar.png Iridium Bar (5)Clam.png Clam (10)Coral.png Coral (10) 3x2
Desert Obelisk.png
Desert Obelisk Warps you to the desert. data-sort-value="1000000">Gold.png1,000,000gIridium Bar.png Iridium Bar (20)Coconut.png Coconut (10)Cactus Fruit.png Cactus Fruit (10) 3x2
Island Obelisk.png
Island Obelisk Warps you to Ginger Island. data-sort-value="1000000">Gold.png1,000,000gIridium Bar.png Iridium Bar (10)Dragon Tooth.png Dragon Tooth (10)Banana.png Banana (10) 3x2


Villager Reactions

Love Clint Icon.png ClintKrobus Icon.png KrobusMaru Icon.png MaruWilly Icon.png Willy
Dislike Abigail Icon.png AbigailAlex Icon.png AlexCaroline Icon.png CarolineDemetrius Icon.png DemetriusDwarf Icon.png DwarfElliott Icon.png ElliottEmily Icon.png EmilyEvelyn Icon.png EvelynGeorge Icon.png GeorgeGus Icon.png GusHaley Icon.png HaleyHarvey Icon.png HarveyJas Icon.png JasJodi Icon.png JodiKent Icon.png KentLeah Icon.png LeahLeo Icon.png LeoLewis Icon.png LewisLinus Icon.png LinusMarnie Icon.png MarniePam Icon.png PamPenny Icon.png PennyPierre Icon.png PierreRobin Icon.png RobinSandy Icon.png SandySebastian Icon.png SebastianShane Icon.png ShaneVincent Icon.png VincentWizard Icon.png Wizard
Hate Sam Icon.png Sam


Iridium Bar may be an option in the Bundle Teal.png remixed Dye Bundle on the Bulletin Board.


An Iridium Bar is used in the spool of the Sewing Machine with Cloth in the feed to create an Shirt151.png Iridium Breastplate. It is an iridium dye when used in the spool of the Sewing Machine with a dyeable clothing item in the feed. It can be placed in the purple dye pot at Emily's and Haley's house for use in dyeing.




  • In real life, iridium is a rare silver, brittle metal that can be hazardous in a fine dust and has toxic radioactive isotopes. It is often used to produce hard, durable surfaces for high-precision tools and machine parts. It is the second densest element on the periodic table, being almost twice as dense as lead.


  1. See FishingRod::openTreasureMenuEndFunction in the game code.