Solar Essence

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Solar Essence
Solar Essence.png
The glowing face is warm to the touch.
Source Ghost.png GhostIridium Bat.png Iridium BatMetal Head.png Metal HeadMetal Head Dangerous.png Metal Head (dangerous)Haunted Skull.png Haunted SkullSquid Kid.png Squid KidSquid Kid Dangerous.png Squid Kid (dangerous)Mummy.png Mummy

Krobus Icon.png Krobus

Hot Head.png Hot HeadBlue Squid.png Blue SquidSunfish.png Sunfish (Fish Pond)
Sell Price data-sort-value="40">Gold.png40g

Solar Essence is a Monster Loot item which is dropped from the Ghost, Iridium Bat, Metal Head, Metal Head (dangerous), Haunted Skull, Squid Kid, Squid Kid (dangerous), Mummy, Hot Head, and Blue Squid. Krobus also sells 10 a day for data-sort-value="80">Gold.png80g each. Sunfish may randomly produce a Solar Essence in a Fish Pond when the pond population reaches 10 fish.


Villager Reactions

Love Wizard Icon.png Wizard
Neutral Dwarf Icon.png Dwarf
Dislike Abigail Icon.png AbigailAlex Icon.png AlexCaroline Icon.png CarolineClint Icon.png ClintDemetrius Icon.png DemetriusElliott Icon.png ElliottEmily Icon.png EmilyEvelyn Icon.png EvelynGeorge Icon.png GeorgeGus Icon.png GusHaley Icon.png HaleyHarvey Icon.png HarveyJas Icon.png JasJodi Icon.png JodiKent Icon.png KentKrobus Icon.png KrobusLeah Icon.png LeahLeo Icon.png LeoLewis Icon.png LewisLinus Icon.png LinusMarnie Icon.png MarnieMaru Icon.png MaruPam Icon.png PamPenny Icon.png PennyPierre Icon.png PierreRobin Icon.png RobinSam Icon.png SamSandy Icon.png SandySebastian Icon.png SebastianShane Icon.png ShaneVincent Icon.png VincentWilly Icon.png Willy


Solar Essence is an option for the Bundle Purple.png Adventurer's Bundle in the Boiler Room.


Image Name Description Ingredients Recipe Source
Glowstone Ring.png
Glowstone Ring Emits a constant light, and also increases your radius for collecting items. Solar Essence.png Solar Essence (5)Iron Bar.png Iron Bar (5) Mining Skill Icon.png Mining Level 4
Mega Bomb.png
Mega Bomb Generates a powerful explosion. Use with extreme caution. Solar Essence.png Solar Essence (1)Gold Ore.png Gold Ore (4)Void Essence.png Void Essence (1) Mining Skill Icon.png Mining Level 8
Iridium Band.png
Iridium Band Glows, attracts items, and increases attack damage by 10%. Solar Essence.png Solar Essence (50)Iridium Bar.png Iridium Bar (5)Void Essence.png Void Essence (50) Combat Skill Icon.png Combat Level 9
Barrel Brazier.png
Barrel Brazier Provides a moderate amount of light. Solar Essence.png Solar Essence (1)Wood.png Wood (50)Coal.png Coal (1) Robin Icon.png Carpenter's Shop (data-sort-value="800">Gold.png800g)
Quality Bobber.png
Quality Bobber Boosts the quality of fish that you catch. Solar Essence.png Solar Essence (5)Copper Bar.png Copper Bar (1)Sap.png Sap (20) Willy Icon.png Willy (Special Order)
Mini-Obelisk Place two on the farm to warp between them. Solar Essence.png Solar Essence (20)Hardwood.png Hardwood (30)Gold Bar.png Gold Bar (3) Wizard Icon.png Wizard (Special Order)
Hyper Speed-Gro.png
Hyper Speed-Gro Greatly stimulates leaf production. Guaranteed to increase growth rate by at least 33%. Mix into tilled soil. Solar Essence.png Solar Essence (1)Radioactive Ore.png Radioactive Ore (1)Bone Fragment.png Bone Fragment (3) Mr. Qi Icon.png Mr. Qi (data-sort-value="30">Qi Gem.png 30)


Solar Essence is used in the spool of the Sewing Machine to create the Yoba Shirt. Shirt219.png It can be used in dyeing, serving as a yellow dye at the dye pots, located in Emily's and Haley's house, 2 Willow Lane.