Monster Loot

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Monster Loot is dropped from slain Monsters in The Mines and Skull Cavern. It can be sold at the Adventurer's Guild or by depositing it in the Shipping box on The Farm. Monster Loot may also be gifted (as a disliked or hated gift) or used for Crafting.

Monsters may drop many other items when slain, but the following items are classified as "Monster Loot" in-game.

Image Name Description Dropped By Sell Price Crafting Uses
Slime A shimmering, gelatinous glob with no smell. Slimes data-sort-value="5">Gold.png5g Slime Incubator (x100), Oil Maker (x50), Cork Bobber (x10), Wild Bait (x5), Sturdy Ring (x25), Monster Musk (x30)
Bug Meat.png
Bug Meat It's a juicy wad of bug flesh. All insects data-sort-value="8">Gold.png8g Bait (x1), Wild Bait (x5), Sturdy Ring (x25), Bug Steak (x10), Magic Bait (x3)
Bat Wing.png
Bat Wing The material is surprisingly delicate. Bats data-sort-value="15">Gold.png15g Lightning Rod (x5), Monster Musk (x30), Dark Sign (x5)
Solar Essence.png
Solar Essence The glowing face is warm to the touch. Ghost, Metal Head, Metal Head (dangerous), Hot Head, Mummy, Squid Kid, Squid Kid (dangerous), Iridium Bat, Haunted Skull, Blue Squid, Sunfish Fishpond data-sort-value="40">Gold.png40g Barrel Brazier (x1), Iridium Band (x50), Mega Bomb (x1), Glowstone Ring (x5), Quality Bobber (x5), Mini-Obelisk (x20), Hyper Speed-Gro (x1)
Void Essence.png
Void Essence It's quivering with dark energy. All Void Spirits, Haunted Skull, Serpent, Royal Serpent, Spider, Void Salmon Fishpond data-sort-value="50">Gold.png50g Iridium Band (x50), Mega Bomb (x1)