Slime Incubator

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Slime Incubator
Slime Incubator.png
Hatches slime eggs into slimes. Allows you to raise slimes outdoors.
Source: Crafting
Sell Price: Cannot be sold

Recipe Source: Combat (Level 8)
Ingredients: Iridium Bar (2) Slime (100)

The Slime Incubator is a machine that hatches Slime Eggs into actual Slimes. One incubator comes with the Slime Hutch and will produce slimes that live indoors. You can raise slimes outdoors by crafting a slime incubator yourself. Eggs take 4000 minutes (approximately 66.66 hours, or 2-3 days) to incubate.

Incubators outside the farm

It is possible to place chests and other crafted items outside the farm. This is useful for storing gifts close to the homes of Villagers who prefer them or to allow additional storage when Fishing or Foraging. If a villager walks through the square where a crafted item was placed, the item will be destroyed. Below are player-created maps to indicate which tiles on the map are safe from villager-pathing.