The Summit

The Summit
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The Summit is an exterior region located north of the Railroad. The path to it is initially blocked by a boulder and becomes accessible the day after Perfection is achieved.


Entering the Summit for the first time causes a special cutscene to play. The player will sit on the left side of the bench at the top of the summit, and the player's spouse will occupy the right side. If the player is not married, the spot will be occupied by Lewis if the Community Center was restored or Morris if the Joja Warehouse was built. The player will then chat with them.


If Lewis is sitting on the right side of the bench, he will talk about how he's been mayor for a long time, and how nothing has made him as proud as seeing the player make the farm blossom. He will say that the player has taken the farm beyond their Grandpa's wildest dreams and how they have changed the valley forever. He ends by thanking the player.

If Morris is sitting on the right side of the bench, he will talk about how before the player moved, he considered moving into Pelican Town a step back in his career. He then says that the valley has grown on him over the years, and that it's been a humbling experience and opened his eyes to a different way of life. He ends by thanking the player for all the work they have done for Joja.

If the player's spouse is sitting on the right side of the bench, they will first greet the player and talk about how beautiful (or great) it is up at the summit. They will then say how they were thinking about the last # of years (the # of in-game years the player has played so far, including the current one), and how they and the player have been through a lot together during that time but have come so far. There will then be unique dialogue depending on the spouse. This part of the cutscene ends with the player and their spouse kissing.

Afterwards, the scene continues with Krobus, Dwarf, and Wizard flying through the air followed by the Witch, crop fairies, UFOs, and if the player has earned at least data-sort-value="100000000"> 100,000,000g, the traveling merchant's pig. Then, a credits-like sequence plays, which scrolls through every villager (including Dusty), farm animal (except the brown cow), fish, and monster. If the player did not use any Joja services (i.e. they restored the Community Center, did not use the Golden Joja Parrot, and did not purchase any Perfection Waivers), the end of the credits will say "No Joja services used!".

The cutscene ends with the player's Grandpa and Mr. Qi congratulating the player on their accomplishment.

“It's been a long road...”
“You challenged yourself to reach the summit”
“What an accomplishment!”
“We've been watching every step of the way”
“And you've made us very proud!”

Assuming the player reads all the dialogue at the beginning of the cutscene and plays through it entirely, the entire cutscene lasts for approximately five minutes.

Illegitimate access

   Warning: Spoilers   

This page or section contains unmarked spoilers from update 1.6 of Stardew Valley. Players may want to avoid or be cautious toward reading this article/section.

If the player manages to access the Summit before achieving Perfection via the "Sword swing glitch", the normal summit background will be replaced with a blank screen full of glitched sprites and a cutscene with Mr. Qi will play instead.

“Well, well, well... Look who 'made it' to the summit.”
“Thought you were really clever, didn't you?”
“'How can I cheat the system for my own benefit?', you thought.”
“Or, in layman's terms: 'Me me me me me me me me me me me me'.”

Afterwards Mr. Qi rushes at the player, causing the player to pass out and wake up in Harvey's Clinic. Further attempts result in the player passing out immediately after entering the map.


  • Despite the Summit being an exterior region, it is not visible on the map. Entering the region will automatically hide the player's UI.
  • The cutscene is the only part of the game that hints at a relationship between the player's Grandpa and Mr. Qi.
  • If the player has met certain criteria, some secret objects may fly past.
  • Prior to version 1.5, The Summit existed as an unimplemented area of the game. It could be reached using glitches involving the scythe/sword.


  • 1.5: Introduced.
  • 1.5.3: Fixed summit cutscene not triggering in Multiplayer if a player was married to another player. Fixed summit cutscene being repeatable if its music wasn't marked as heard.
  • 1.6: Added a new cutscene if the player enters illegitimately. Perfection cutscene now says "No Joja services used!" if the player did not use any Joja services.