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For an index to the completed artifacts collection, see Collections#Artifacts.

Artifacts are items found primarily by digging up Artifact Spots, though they can be acquired in other ways. There are 42 artifacts in total, and one of each must be donated to the Museum to complete its collection. Donating to the Museum will yield rewards when donation milestones are reached, or when specific artifacts are donated.


Artifacts can be acquired in the following ways:

The table below lists specific locations for each artifact.


All artifacts can be used for:

Some artifacts have other specific uses:


Donating the following artifacts grant unique rewards:


Map regions specified under "Location" are places where the artifact can be found when digging up an Artifact Spot, along with the chance per artifact spot of finding the artifact[1].

Image Name Description Sell Price Location
Dwarf Scroll I.png
Dwarf Scroll I A yellowed scroll of parchment filled with dwarven script. This one's tied with a red bow. Gold.png1g
  • Tilling in Mines/Skull Cavern (any floor) (0.16%)
  • Several monsters (0.5% each)
Dwarf Scroll II.png
Dwarf Scroll II A yellowed scroll of parchment filled with dwarven script. This one's tied with a green ribbon. Gold.png1g
  • Tilling in Mines (floor 1-40) (0.1%)
  • Ghost drop (0.5%)
  • Frost Bat drop (0.5%)
  • Dust Sprite drop (0.5%)
  • Blue Slime drop (0.5%)
Dwarf Scroll III.png
Dwarf Scroll III A yellowed scroll of parchment filled with dwarven script. This one's tied with a blue rope. Gold.png1g
  • Several monsters drop (1.5% for Blue Slime, 0.5% for others)
Dwarf Scroll IV.png
Dwarf Scroll IV A yellowed scroll of parchment filled with dwarven script. This one's tied with a golden chain. Gold.png1g
Chipped Amphora.png
Chipped Amphora An ancient vessel made of ceramic material. Used to transport both dry and wet goods. Gold.png40g
Arrowhead A crudely fashioned point used for hunting. Gold.png40g
Ancient Doll.png
Ancient Doll An ancient doll covered in grime. This doll may have been used as a toy, a decoration, or a prop in some kind of ritual. Gold.png60g
Elvish Jewelry.png
Elvish Jewelry Dirty but still beautiful. On the side is a flowing script thought by some to be the ancient language of the elves. No Elvish bones have ever been found. Gold.png200g
Chewing Stick.png
Chewing Stick Ancient people chewed on these to keep their teeth clean. Gold.png50g
Ornamental Fan.png
Ornamental Fan This exquisute fan most likely belonged to a noblewoman. Historians believe that the valley was a popular sixth-era vacation spot for the wealthy. Gold.png300g
Dinosaur Egg.png
Dinosaur Egg A giant dino egg... The entire shell is still intact! Gold.png350g
Rare Disc.png
Rare Disc A heavy black disc studded with peculiar red stones. When you hold it, you're overwhelmed with a feeling of dread. Gold.png300g
Ancient Sword.png
Ancient Sword It's the remains of an ancient sword. Most of the blade has turned to rust, but the hilt is very finely crafted. Gold.png100g
Rusty Spoon.png
Rusty Spoon A plain old spoon, probably ten years old. Not very interesting. Gold.png25g
Rusty Spur.png
Rusty Spur An old spur that was once attached to a cowboy's boot. People must have been raising animals in this area for many generations. Gold.png25g
Rusty Cog.png
Rusty Cog A well preserved cog that must have been part of some ancient machine. This could be dwarven technology. Gold.png25g
Chicken Statue.png
Chicken Statue It's a statue of a chicken on a bronze base. The ancient people of this area must have been very fond of chickens. Gold.png50g
Ancient Seed.png
Ancient Seed It's a dry old seed from some ancient plant. By all appearances it's long since dead... Gold.png5g
Prehistoric Tool.png
Prehistoric Tool Some kind of gnarly old digging tool. Gold.png50g
Dried Starfish.png
Dried Starfish A starfish from the primordial ocean. It's an unusually pristine specimen! Gold.png40g
Anchor It may have belonged to ancient pirates. Gold.png100g
Glass Shards.png
Glass Shards A mixture of glass shards smoothed by centuries of ocean surf. These could have belonged to an ancient mosaic or necklace. Gold.png20g
Bone Flute.png
Bone Flute It's a prehistoric wind instrument carved from an animal's bone. It produces an eerie tone. Gold.png100g
Prehistoric Handaxe.png
Prehistoric Handaxe One of the earliest tools employed by humans. This "crude" tool was created by striking one rock with another to form a sharp edge. Gold.png50g
Dwarvish Helm.png
Dwarvish Helm It's one of the helmets commonly worn by dwarves. The thick metal plating protects them from falling debris and stalactites. Gold.png100g
Dwarf Gadget.png
Dwarf Gadget It's a piece of the advanced technology once known to the dwarves. It's still glowing and humming, but you're unable to understand how it works. Gold.png200g
Ancient Drum.png
Ancient Drum It's a drum made from wood and animal skin. It has a low, reverberating tone. Gold.png100g
Golden Mask.png
Golden Mask A creepy golden mask probably used in an ancient magic ritual. A socket in the forehead contains a large purple gemstone. Gold.png500g
Golden Relic.png
Golden Relic It's a golden slab with heiroglyphs and pictures emblazoned onto the front. Gold.png250g
Strange Doll (green).png
Strange Doll ??? Gold.png1,000g
  • Farm (0.08%)
  • Bus Stop (0.07%)
  • Town (0.07%)
  • Forest (0.06%)
  • Mountain (0.06%)
  • Beach (0.06%)
  • Tilling in Mines/Skull Cavern (any floor) (0.03%)
  • Fishing Chest (≈0.14%)
  • Secret Note #17
Strange Doll (yellow).png
Strange Doll ??? Gold.png1,000g
  • Farm (0.08%)
  • Bus Stop (0.07%)
  • Town (0.07%)
  • Forest (0.06%)
  • Mountain (0.06%)
  • Beach (0.06%)
  • Tilling in Mines/Skull Cavern (any floor) (0.03%)
  • Fishing Chest (≈0.14%)
  • Secret Note #18
Prehistoric Scapula.png
Prehistoric Scapula Commonly known as a "shoulder blade"... It's unclear what species it belonged to. Gold.png100g
Prehistoric Tibia.png
Prehistoric Tibia A thick and sturdy leg bone. Gold.png100g
Prehistoric Skull.png
Prehistoric Skull This is definitely a mammalian skull. Gold.png100g
Skeletal Hand.png
Skeletal Hand It's a wonder all these ancient little pieces lasted so long. Gold.png100g
Prehistoric Rib.png
Prehistoric Rib Little gouge marks on the side suggest that this rib was someone's dinner. Gold.png100g
Prehistoric Vertebra.png
Prehistoric Vertebra A segment of some prehistoric creature's spine. Gold.png100g
Skeletal Tail.png
Skeletal Tail It's pretty short for a tail. Gold.png100g
Nautilus Fossil.png
Nautilus Fossil This must've washed up ages ago from an ancient coral reef. Gold.png80g
Amphibian Fossil.png
Amphibian Fossil The relatively short hind legs suggest some kind of primordial toad. Gold.png150g
Palm Fossil.png
Palm Fossil Palm Fossils are relatively common, but this happens to be a particularly well-preserved specimen. Gold.png100g
  • Desert (7%)
  • Forest (0.6% + 3-5%[3])
  • Beach (0.6%)
  • Bone Nodes (0.8%)
Trilobite A long extinct relative of the crab. Gold.png50g
  • Beach (1.7% + 2.3-5%[3])
  • Forest (1.9%)
  • Mountain (1.8%)
  • Bone Nodes (0.8%)


  1. The contents of an artifact spot are calculated by GameLocation::digUpArtifactSpot; the primary data source is ObjectInformation.xnb. 20% of the time a Lost Book is found (except on the Farm). Otherwise, each artifact is checked sequentially to see whether a random number is less than the chance specified by the input file; the first artifact that succeeds is the one found. One result of this algorithm is that the actual chance of finding a given artifact is smaller than the value in the input file, because it can only be found if the Lost Book check failed and all previous artifacts failed their tests.
  2. 2.00 2.01 2.02 2.03 2.04 2.05 2.06 2.07 2.08 2.09 2.10 2.11 2.12 2.13 2.14 2.15 2.16 2.17 2.18 2.19 The chance of an artifact appearing in a treasure chest is higher if Lost Books are not possible, e.g., after the Museum's collection is complete.
  3. 3.0 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 3.5 3.6 3.7 3.8 The additional chance for this artifact is season-dependent. The maximum chance is in summer and fall. In winter, the chance is 50% less; in spring it is 6% less. The chance comes from a secondary input file, Locations.xnb, which is only used if all other sources fail.


  • 1.4: Fixed bug preventing certain artifacts from appearing in artifact spots in certain places.
  • 1.5: Bone Mill turns bone items, including bone artifacts, into fertilizer. Penny and the Dwarf now like all artifacts as gifts, all other NPCs now dislike instead of hate artifacts as gifts.