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Stimulates leaf production. Guaranteed to increase growth rate by at least 10%. Mix into tilled soil. Does not reduce time between harvests for multi-harvest crops.
Source: Pierre'sCrafting
Sell Price: Gold.png20g
Recipe Source(s): Farming Skill Icon.png Farming Level 3
Ingredients: Pine Tar (1) Clam (1)
Produces: 5 Speed-Gro per craft

Speed-Gro is a Fertilizer that helps by speeding crop growth. It can be crafted or purchased from Pierre's for Gold.png100g. Twenty Speed-Gro is the reward for completing the Spring Crops Bundle in the Pantry.

Speed-Gro can be placed on tilled soil before or after planting a seed, or at any stage of crop growth. However, as of v1.2, it has no effect unless applied before planting a seed.

Speed-Gro Cost

Crafting Speed-Gro is always cheaper than purchasing it. The table below compares the cost of crafting 5 Speed-Gro against purchasing them at Pierre's. The cost of crafting is the sell price of the constituent ingredients.

Clam.png Clam Quality Crafting Pierre Icon.png Pierre's
Normal Gold.png150g Gold.png500g
Silver Quality.png Silver Gold.png162g
Gold Quality.png Gold Gold.png175g
Iridium Quality.png Iridium Gold.png200g
Tapper Icon.png Tapper
Normal Gold.png175g
Silver Quality.png Silver Gold.png187g
Gold Quality.png Gold Gold.png200g
Iridium Quality.png Iridium Gold.png225g


Villager Reactions
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It is not used in any bundles, but 20 Speed-Gro is the reward for completing the Spring Crops Bundle in the Pantry.


It is not used in any quests.


As of PC v1.2.33, applying Speed-Gro or Deluxe Speed-Gro to a crop after planting has no effect on crop growth, even if applied immediately after planting a seed.