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Waters the 4 adjacent tiles every morning.
Source Crafting
Sell Price data-sort-value="100">Gold.png100g
Recipe Source Farming Skill Icon.png Farming Level 2
Ingredients Copper Bar.png Copper Bar (1)Iron Bar.png Iron Bar (1)
This article is about the specific item. For all types of sprinklers, see Crafting#Sprinklers.

The Sprinkler is a crafted item that waters 4 tiles (above, below, and to the right and left of it) every morning. Only tilled tiles will be watered. The Sprinkler is unlocked at Farming level 2.

Sprinklers can water Slime Hutch troughs, but cannot be used to water Garden Pots or the pet's water bowl. Sprinklers cannot be placed on sand.

A Torch can be placed on a Sprinkler to provide minimal lighting in the dark.



Image Name Description Ingredients Recipe Source
Sprinkler Waters the 4 adjacent tiles every morning. Copper Bar.png Copper Bar (1)Iron Bar.png Iron Bar (1) Farming Skill Icon.png Farming Level 2
Quality Sprinkler.png
Quality Sprinkler Waters the 8 adjacent tiles every morning. Iron Bar.png Iron Bar (1)Gold Bar.png Gold Bar (1)Refined Quartz.png Refined Quartz (1) Farming Skill Icon.png Farming Level 6
Iridium Sprinkler.png
Iridium Sprinkler Waters the 24 adjacent tiles every morning. Gold Bar.png Gold Bar (1)Iridium Bar.png Iridium Bar (1)Battery Pack.png Battery Pack (1) Farming Skill Icon.png Farming Level 9


Upgrades can be attached onto a placed sprinkler. Picking up the sprinkler will remove the upgrade without destroying it.

Only one upgrade can be used at a time on a single sprinkler.

Image Name Description Sprinklers Purchase Price
Pressure Nozzle.png
Pressure Nozzle (4) Place on a sprinkler to increase its watering range.
data-sort-value="20">Qi Gem.png 20
Enricher (4) Place on a sprinkler and load with fertilizer to automatically apply it when planting seeds nearby.
data-sort-value="20">Qi Gem.png 20


Villager Reactions

Dislike Abigail Icon.png AbigailAlex Icon.png AlexCaroline Icon.png CarolineClint Icon.png ClintDemetrius Icon.png DemetriusDwarf Icon.png DwarfElliott Icon.png ElliottEmily Icon.png EmilyEvelyn Icon.png EvelynGeorge Icon.png GeorgeGus Icon.png GusHaley Icon.png HaleyHarvey Icon.png HarveyJas Icon.png JasJodi Icon.png JodiKent Icon.png KentKrobus Icon.png KrobusLeah Icon.png LeahLeo Icon.png LeoLewis Icon.png LewisLinus Icon.png LinusMarnie Icon.png MarnieMaru Icon.png MaruPam Icon.png PamPenny Icon.png PennyPierre Icon.png PierreRobin Icon.png RobinSam Icon.png SamSandy Icon.png SandySebastian Icon.png SebastianShane Icon.png ShaneVincent Icon.png VincentWilly Icon.png WillyWizard Icon.png Wizard


The Sprinkler is not used in any bundles.


The Sprinkler is not used in any quests.