Basic Retaining Soil

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Basic Retaining Soil
Basic Retaining Soil.png
This soil has a chance of staying watered overnight. Mix into tilled soil.
Source: Pierre'sCrafting
Sell Price: Gold.png4g
Recipe Source(s): Farming Skill Icon.png Farming Level 4
Ingredients: Stone.png Stone (2)

Basic Retaining Soil is a Fertilizer that helps by keeping soil watered. It can be crafted or purchased from Pierre's General Store for Gold.png100g.

Basic Retaining Soil can be placed on tilled soil before or after planting a seed, or at any stage of crop growth. The chance for retaining water is about 33%.


Villager Reactions


Basic Retaining Soil is not used in any bundles.


Basic Retaining Soil is not used in any quests.