Quality Fertilizer

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Quality Fertilizer
Quality Fertilizer.png
Improves soil quality, increasing your chance to grow quality crops. Mix into tilled soil.
Source: Pierre's from year 2 • Crafting
Sell Price: Gold.png10g
Recipe Source(s): Farming Skill Icon.png Farming Level 9
Ingredients: Sap (2)Fish.png Any Fish (1)

Quality Fertilizer is a Fertilizer that improves the chance to grow a quality crop. It can be crafted or purchased for Gold.png150g from Pierre's General Store beginning in year 2. It may also occasionally be sold by the Traveling Cart (in any year) for Coin Icon100-1,000g. Thirty Quality Fertilizer are the reward for completing the 5,000 Bundle in the Vault.

Quality Fertilizer must be placed on tilled soil before planting a seed.

Quality Fertilizer only affects the basic harvest, which means that extra crops gained at harvest (Potatoes, Blueberries, Cranberries, etc.) will be of regular quality.

Chance for Quality Crops

Farming level  % Regular quality  % Silver quality  % Gold quality
0 78% 14% 8%
1 64% 23% 13%
2 52% 30% 18%
3 40% 36% 24%
4 30% 41% 29%
5 20% 46% 34%
6 15% 45% 40%
7 14% 41% 45%
8 12% 38% 50%
9 11% 33% 56%
10 10% 29% 61%

When to turn your fish into Quality Fertilizer

Below are quick-reference tables showing when to turn your fish into Quality Fertilizer, based on the quality of the fish.

(The tables consider fish whose sell price is exactly 150g to be not good to turn into Quality Fertilizer, since the addition of the sell price of 2 sap (4g) makes it technically better to purchase Quality Fertilizer.)

Fishing Pole Fish

Fish No Profession Fisher.png Fisher Angler Icon.png Angler
Albacore Always Always Regular & Silver
Anchovy Always Always Always
Bream Always Always Always
Bullhead Always Always Regular & Silver
Carp Always Always Always
Chub Always Always Always
Dorado Regular & Silver Regular Never
Eel Always Regular & Silver Regular
Ghostfish Always Always Always
Halibut Always Regular & Silver Regular
Herring Always Always Always
Largemouth Bass Regular & Silver Regular Never
Lingcod Regular Never Never
Perch Always Always Always
Pike Regular & Silver Regular Never
Rainbow Trout Always Always Regular & Silver
Red Mullet Always Always Regular & Silver
Red Snapper Always Always Always
Salmon Always Always Regular & Silver
Sandfish Always Always Regular & Silver
Sardine Always Always Always
Sea Cucumber Always Always Regular & Silver
Shad Always Always Always
Slimejack Regular & Silver Regular Never
Smallmouth Bass Always Always Always
Squid Always Regular & Silver Regular
Sunfish Always Always Always
Tilapia Always Always Regular & Silver
Tuna Regular & Silver Regular Never
Walleye Regular & Silver Regular Never
Woodskip Always Always Regular & Silver

Crab Pot Fish

Fish No Profession Fisher.png Fisher Angler Icon.png Angler
Cockle Always Always Always
Crab Regular & Silver Regular Never
Crayfish Always Always Regular & Silver
Lobster Regular Never Never
Mussel Always Always Always
Oyster Always Always Always
Periwinkle Always Always Always
Shrimp Always Always Always
Snail Always Always Regular & Silver


Villager Reactions
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It is not used in any quests.


  • 1.05: Corrected sell price from Gold.png20g to Gold.png150g.