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Statue Of The Dwarf King
Statue Of The Dwarf King.png
Choose from two mining-related powers each day.
Source Crafting
Sell Price Cannot be sold
Recipe Source Mining Skill Icon.png Mining Mastery
Ingredients Iridium Bar.png Iridium Bar (20)

The Statue Of The Dwarf King grants unique powers to the player each day. The Statue Of The Dwarf King Recipe is received as a reward after a player completes Mining Mastery in the Mastery Cave.


Every day, the Statue will offer two of its five available powers. The player can only choose one. There are 5 different powers, as listed below.

Although the options the player receives are random, they are pre-determined at the start of the day. Therefore there is no benefit to crafting multiple statues or restarting the day as the player will just receive the same options.

Image Powers
Dwarf Statue Ore.png
+1 ore when mining nodes.
Dwarf Statue Geodes.png
Greater chance to find geodes.
Dwarf Statue Coal.png
Greater chance to find coal.
Dwarf Statue Ladders.png
Greater chance to find ladders and shafts.
Dwarf Statue Bombs.png
Bombs cannot damage you.

+1 ore when mining nodes

When this power is active, certain ore nodes destroyed inside or outside the mines will drop one extra ore.[1] Affected nodes are:

Node Drop
Stone Index670.pngStone Index668.pngStone Index845.pngStone Index846.pngStone Index847.png Stone.png Stone Coal.png Coal
Coal Node Quarry 01.pngCoal Node Quarry 02.pngCoal Node Volcano 01.pngCoal Node Volcano 02.png Coal.png Coal
Copper Node.pngCopper Node Volcano.png Copper Ore.png Copper Ore
Iron Node.pngIron Node Volcano.png Iron Ore.png Iron Ore
Gold Node.pngGold Node Volcano.png Gold Ore.png Gold Ore
Iridium Node.png Iridium Ore.png Iridium Ore
Cinder Shard Node 1.pngCinder Shard Node 2.png Cinder Shard.png Cinder Shard
Radioactive Node.png Radioactive Ore.png Radioactive Ore
Bone Node 1.pngBone Node 2.png Bone Fragment.png Bone Fragment
Clay Node.png Clay.png Clay

Greater chance to find geodes

When this power is active, geodes found inside and outside of the mines have a 25% higher chance of spawning when a rock is broken, either by hand or with bombs. However, this does not affect the chance of finding geodes inside supply crates on the Beach Farm.

Greater chance to find coal

When this power is active, coal will be 3% more likely to drop in any scenario where coal can be dropped. This will be on top of the higher chance to find coal that the player could have from the Prospector profession. This will not affect the number of coal created by the Charcoal Kiln

Greater chance to find ladders and shafts

When this power is active, ladders and shafts will have a (multiplicative) 25% higher chance of dropping from rocks in The Mines or Skull Cavern. They will also have a 22% chance of dropping from monsters in these locations, increased from the usual 15%.[2]

Bombs cannot damage you

When this power is active, the player is immune to all damage from Cherry Bombs, Bombs, Mega Bombs[3], and Explosive Ammo inside and outside of the mines. The player is also immune to explosive damage from Hot Heads in the Volcano Dungeon.


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  • 1.6: Introduced.