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Allows you to pass through a fence.
Source: Crafting
Sell Price: Gold.png4g
Recipe Source: Starter
Ingredients: Wood.png Wood (10)

The Gate is a craftable item that allows players to pass through fences. It lasts for 400 days.


Villager Reactions


  • If a gate is open and you stand on its cell, close it, and try to open it again while still occupying its cell, the gate will break off.
  • Despite being only one block wide, it is still possible to ride a horse through any orientation of gate in any direction.
  • Breaking the gate with a pickaxe does not destroy it, so you can break it and immediately replace it the day before it degrades
  • A gate can replace a placed fence piece (by selecting the gate in inventory and clicking on the fence piece). If surrounded by other fence pieces, the gate may take on the color of the fence instead of the normal dark brown color. This effect lasts until the game is exited.


  • 1.4: Two gates can now be placed next to each other, allowing for double-width gates.