Deluxe Scarecrow

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Deluxe Scarecrow
Deluxe Scarecrow.png
Prevents crows from attacking your crops. Has a large radius (about 16 "tiles").
Source: Crafting
Season: SpringSummerFall
Sell Price: Cannot be sold

Recipe Source: Letter after collecting all rarecrows
Ingredients: Wood.png Wood (50)Iridium Ore.png Iridium Ore (1)Fiber.png Fiber (40)

The Deluxe Scarecrow is a craftable scarecrow that prevents crows from eating a player's crops. The player can obtain the recipe for a Deluxe Scarecrow only after obtaining all 8 rarecrows, which will trigger the "Z.C. Rarecrow Society" to send the player a letter containing the recipe the next day.

The Deluxe Scarecrow has double the radius (16) of that of a normal scarecrow (8), affecting a total of 888 tiles.


“Dear <player>,

Your dedication is truly impressive...

Only a select few manage to acquire the complete Rarecrow collection!

Please accept this blueprint to commemorate your achievement.”
— The Z.C. Rarecrow Society


Deluxe Scarecrow Range.png


  • 1.4: Introduced.