Charcoal Kiln

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Charcoal Kiln
Charcoal Kiln.png
Turns 10 pieces of wood into one piece of coal.
Source: Crafting
Sell Price: Cannot be sold
Recipe Source: Foraging Skill Icon.png Foraging (Level 4)
Ingredients: Wood.png Wood (20)Copper Bar.png Copper Bar (2)

The Charcoal Kiln is a piece of equipment used to burn Wood into Coal. Coal is used in several Crafting recipes, and to smelt different metals into their respective bars.

It takes 30 minutes in-game time (≈23 seconds real-time) to change the Wood into Coal. For every 10 Wood, you will get 1 Coal.

It can also be obtained by completing the Bundle Red.png Construction Bundle in the Crafts Room (198 wood, 99 stone, 10 hardwood).


  • 1.4: Changed recipe from 1 Gold Bar to 2 Copper Bars. Charcoal Kilns can now be stacked in a player's inventory and in chests.