Seed Maker

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Seed Maker
Seed Maker.png
Place crops inside to produce 1-3 seeds.
Source: Crafting
Sell Price: Cannot be sold

Recipe Source: Farming (Level 9)
Ingredients: Wood (25) Gold Bar (1) Coal (10)

The Seed Maker is a piece of Refining Equipment that produces seeds from a harvested crop or one of four foraged items: Wild Horseradish, Spice Berry, Common Mushroom, or Winter Root. It takes 20 in-game minutes to process seeds.

A Seed Maker is the reward for completing the Dye Bundle on the Bulletin Board. The recipe is unlocked through the farming skill.

Seeds per Crop

The Seed Maker can produce 1-3 seeds of the same variety as the input crop (97.5% chance, average of 2 seeds), 1-4 Mixed Seeds (2% chance), or an Ancient Fruit seed (0.5% chance). Neither the number of seeds produced nor the likelihood of getting Mixed Seeds or Ancient Seeds are affected by luck.

The game initializes a pseudo-random number generator with calculated seed:

(#_days_played) + (unique_game_ID) / 2 + (X_tileLocation of object) + (Y_tileLocation of object) × 77 + (timeOfDay)

This determines the type and number of seeds produced. Daily luck and boosted luck have no effect on this outcome.

Seedless Crops

The Seed Maker does not produce seeds from:

v1.3 Beta Changes

Note: These changes are currently being tested in the v1.3 Beta branch of the game.
The final version of the game may or may not include the changes as described below.

Spoilers ahead! 
Cactus Fruit (both foraged and farmed) can be placed in the Seed Maker to produce Cactus Seeds.