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Stardew Valley's developers added several hidden debug commands to test the game. This page documents them.

Accessing debug commands

These are for advanced users only. These commands may crash or break your save if used incorrectly.

You can run debug commands in the SMAPI console (the terminal window that opens alongside the game) through the debug command, assuming you have the bundled Console Commands mod (aka TrainerMod) installed:

debug where Robin
> Robin is at Farm, 21,4


Many commands that ask for an NPC (such as faceDirection) can take 'farmer' as well.

Items, tools, loot, debris, inventory

command description
shears Adds Shears to your inventory.
pickaxe Adds a basic Pickaxe to your inventory.
Aliases: <pickax>, <pickaxe>.
pole Adds a Bamboo Pole to your inventory.
slingshot Adds a Slingshot to your inventory.
wand Adds a Return Scepter to your inventory.
can Adds a basic Watering Can to your inventory.
Aliases: wateringcan.
pan Adds Copper Pan to your inventory.
hoe Adds a basic Hoe to your inventory.
ax Adds a basic Axe to your inventory.
mp Adds a Milk Pail to your inventory.
lantern [broken] Adds a Lantern to your inventory. However, the game freezes if you try to use it.
<skullkey> Adds the Skull Key to your wallet.
<darkTalisman> Adds the Dark Talisman to your wallet and makes the Witch's Hut accessible. Removes the Magic Ink, if you have it.
clearSpecials Removes all Wallet items (Rusty Key, Skull Key, Special Charm, Dark Talisman, Magic Ink, Club Card, Dwarven Translation Guide).
itemnamed <string itemName> [int count] Adds [count] of the item named <itemName> to player inventory. The <itemName> is the full item name, with punctuation but no spaces (like <miner'streat>). If [count] isn't specified, defaults to 1.
Aliases: <in>.
<fillbackpack> Fills your inventory with random items until full.
Aliases: <fbp>, <fill>, <fillbp>.
<removeObjects> Clears all objects from the current location.
<removeDebris> Removes all debris (such as dropped items).
Aliases: <mainmenu>, <mainMenu>.
<museumloot> Marks artifacts as found and adds minerals to your inventory. Stops when your inventory is full.
<TV> Adds a TV to your inventory.
weapon <int weaponID> Gives the weapon matching <weaponID> to the player. (For example, <weapon 12> spawns a Wooden Blade.)
<gold> Adds a million gold.
<refuel> Sets Lantern fuel to maximum (unimplemented feature).
<fillbin> Adds five items (24, 82, 136, 16, 388) to the shipping bin.
Aliases: <fb>.
sl Switches items in player inventory one row down, looping to top. Useful for browsing inventories larger than 36 spaces.
sr Switches items in player inventory one row up, looping to bottom. Useful for browsing inventories larger than 36 spaces.

NPCs, character actors, interactions, relationships

command description
clone <S:NPC> Makes a copy of <NPC>'s actor and places it to the current location.
sb <S:NPC> Puts "Hello! This is a test" in a bubble above <NPC>'s head.
sf, setFrame <I> Sets and stops the player actor's current animation at the given frame.
fd, face, faceDirection <S:NPC> <I:dir> Sets <NPC> to face in <direction>
jump <S:NPC> <I> makes the given NPC/player actor jump once, at velocity <I>.
c, cm, canmove Force-enables movement for the player actor. Force-closes inventory menu, presumably other menus and dialogue as well.
stoprafting Ends the "is.Rafting" action. (Presumably an unimplemented feature.)
db <S:NPC> Triggers the relevant dialogue with <NPC>, or by default, Pierre. Counts as having spoken to that NPC. Prints "Stack empty" in console if the NPC has no more dialogue at that time.
divorce Makes the player divorce from their current spouse that night.
minigame makeEx <NPC> sets NPC's relationship to Farmer as "divorced".
marry <NPC> Sets <NPC> friendship value to 2500, sets them as Farmer's spouse, and performs Game1.prepareSpouseForWedding.
friend, friendship <NPC> <int> Sets the friendship point value with <NPC> to <int>. If that NPC has not already been greeted, adds them to the list of greeted NPCs.
friendAll Sets all NPCs to 10 hearts (or 8 hearts for bachelor/ettes that you aren't dating).

Events, festivals, heart events

command description
event <S:Location> <int> Starts event <int> at <Location>. A location is the name of a file in the game's Data\Events directory. Each has one or more events, which are referenced by <int>, counting up from zero. You should not already be in the location when starting the event, or things may not work correctly.
leaveEvent, endEvent Ends the current event, but also clears all previous events seen, dialogue questions answered, and mail received. Clarify: For that day or entirely?
busDriveBack BusStop.busDriveBack()
train Makes a train pass through Stardew Valley.
ee Restarts current event (heart events only?). Outside of events, warps player actor to (0,0) on current map.
minigame blastoff presumably starts a specific heart event of Maru.
minigame cowboy presumably starts a specific heart event of Abigail.
end Starts the Stardew Hero Celebration event.
Quests, world objectives, in-game achievements
command description
quest <I:ID> Adds quest the ID <ID>.
bundle <I:ID> Marks bundle <ID> as completed.
completeCC Sets the Community Centre as complete.
completeQuest <I:ID> Marks quest <ID> as complete.
caughtFish, fishCaught <I:AMT> Sets the number of fish caught to <AMT>.
beachBridge Fixes the bridge separating the beach sections.
deleteArch Resets records for minerals and artefacts found, fish caught, and mail received.

Meta & information

command description
save Toggles whether the game saves upon starting a new day or not.
where, whereis <S:NPC> Prints the location and coordinates of <NPC> in the console.
dp, dap, daysPlayed Displays the number of game-days played on the save.
pm, panmode, panMode, On/off toggle for map-panning view; pan map with WASD when toggled on.
version Prints the SDV version number in console.
localInfo Prints a bunch of debug information about the current location in the console.
characterInfo Displays number of characters on the current map.
pixelZoom <LVL> sets the graphical zoom level the game displays at--takes integers, 1 is 100% pixel size, default is 4 (400% pixel size). Movement does not scale. Changes in zoom level may put the player actor outside the boundaries of the map.
viewport <X> <Y> Sets viewport width to X game tiles and height to Y game tiles.

Player character stats, skills, recipes, and player actor properties

command description
fishing <I> sets player Fishing skill to <I>
heal Sets player health to maximum.
speed <I> Increases player actor speed by the given amount. (1 is equal to the speed increase from coffee.)
cooking Teaches the player all cooking recipes.
energize Sets player energy to maximum.
die Sets the player's health to minimum, making them pass out.
money <I> Set player money to given integer.
specials Sets all special access conditions to true (Sewers, Skull Cave, Club, Witch's Hut, Dwarf), and gives the player the Special Charm.
festivalScore <I:score> adds <score> to Farmer's grange display score at Stardew Valley Fair
toggleCatPerson Toggles the selected pet species.
seenmail <I:ID> Adds letter <ID> to the list of those the farmer has already received and read.
slimecraft Teached Farmer the recipes for Slime Incubator and Slime Egg-press.

Farm, crops, fruit trees, livestock, pets, farm buildings

command description
minigame setUpFarm tills certain patches of land; adds 20K money; adds a silo, a coop, and a barn; adds shears, milk pail, and full stacks of items 472, 473, 322, 388, and 390; upgrades all four tools to iridium level.
upgradebarn, barn upgrades player barn(s) one level
growCrops <I:AMT> Advances all crops in the current location <AMT> days.
house, houseUpgrade, hu <I:LVL> Up/downgrades your house to the given level.
fenceDecay presumably sets the rate of fence decay
bc, buildcoop
coop, upgradecoop upgrades player coop(s) one level.
spreadDirt On the farm, till all tillable dirt that is currently untilled and unoccupied by actors.
removeDirt On the farm, until all tillable dirt. Will destroy all crops!
minigame befriendAnimals Sets your friendship with all of your (present) animals to 1000. Must be used inside a coop or a barn.
fixAnimals Presumably, moves all livestock to their home buildings.
horse <I:X> <I:>y Spawns a new horse on the current map at (<X>, <>y).
owl Spawns an Owl.

Map, locations, terrain features, time and weather

command description
minelevel <LVL> Warps Farmer to given Mines level.
resetMines Resets permanent mine changes such as coal carts and treasure chests. Does not affect mines level progress or monster eradication goals.
warp <S:MAP> <I:X> <I:Y> warps Farmer to <MAP> at (<X>, <>y).
warpHome, warphome, wh
The following describes the upcoming Stardew Valley 1.3, and may change before release.
Warps the current player into their farmhouse.
removeLights Disables light effects on the current map.
clearLightGlows Removes light glow textures on current map.
dayUpdate [I:AMT] Progresses the game either 1 or [AMT] days.
al, ambientLight
time <TIME> set game time of day, <TIME> format is military time (24 hours, no colon).
rain Toggles whether current weather is rain.
command description
cmenu, customize, customizeMenu Opens the character menu (new game, not shrine).
bloomDay The game's bloom. Doesn't work.
cat <I:X> <I:>y Adds a cat at (<X>, <>y) in the current location.
question Marks a particular dialogue question as answered.
growgrass <number> Adds <number> grass to your current location. May freeze the game if used outside of the farm.
petToFarm Moves the player's pet to the farm at (54, 8) if it isn't raining.
junimoStar (CC.characters[0] as junimo).returnToFetchStar
growAnimals Makes all animals in the current location (must be an animal house) grow up.
bluebook Adds a blueprint to your inventory.
removeTF, removeTerrainFeatures Removes all terrain features from the current location.
removeFurniture Removes all furniture from the current location.
rfh, readyForHarvest <I:X> <I:>y Sets the object at (<X>, <>y) to be ready in one minute. Also sets stones to 1 health.
resource <I:ID> <I:AMT> -

10=iridium, 12=wood, 28=lantern fuel

craftingrecipe <S:str> Adds the recipe for <str> to your known items.
setstat <S:stat> <I:num> Sets the stat <stat> to <num>. (<stat> is property in StardewValley.Stats)
conventionMode Toggles Game1.conventionMode
jn, junimoNote <I:ID> Adds junimo note <ID>.
resetJunimoNotes presumably resets all JunimoNotes to not-seen status.
hurry <S:NPC> warps <NPC> to their currently scheduled endpoint, such as Pam from her home to the bus stop in the morning
makeInedible Makes the item the player is holding inedible.
toss Player actor plays the vial-dropping animation.
completeJoja presumably set completeJoja value to true (or input value)
zl, zoomlevel
eventseen, seenevent <I:ID> adds given event's ID to the list of Seen Events. Useful for enabling access to event-dependent areas or events.
b, bi, big, bigitem
facePlayer presumably makes given NPC actor (persistently) face player actor.
j, aj, addJunimo presumably spawns a junimo close to player actor.
ns, nosave, noSave
water Irrigate all tilled land on the current map.
wp, wallpaper Inside the current farm building, switches all wallpapers to the next available wallpaper counting from (assumedly) the left/topmost room.
fo, frameOffset
m, mv, musicvolume
spawnweeds <number> Spawns <number> weeds in your current location. May freeze or crash the game if used outside of the farm.
lu, lookup
ps, playSound
wc, warpCharacter
ff, furniture
sdkinfo, steaminfo
kms, killMonsterStat
backpack <int> Increases player inventory size by whichever is smaller of these two:
  • 20 minus current inventory size
  • <int>.
child, kid
mft, mailForTomorrow
addAllCrafting possibly adds the achievement for having crafted every item
i, item
w, wall
debrisWeather presumably changes the current weather to windy.
dialogue possibly initiate dialogue by ID
test TODO. Changes game display to a swatch list of floorings, which can be clicked once to return to normal game display.
crafting Teaches the player all crafting recipes.
f, floor
killAll TODO. Possibly removes all NPC actors from the current map.
season Sets the current season to the given one.
addKent Adds Kent to the game.
dog Presumably adds a dog at (<X>, <>y) on the current map.
busDriveOff Plays the cutscene of the bus driving off and sends the player to Calico Desert (NOTE: Only works at the bus stop)
playMusic <ID> Changes music track to ID.
resetAchievements Resets the Steam achievements.