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Stardew Valley's developers added several hidden debug commands to test the game. This page documents them.

Accessing debug commands

These are for advanced users only. These commands may crash or break your save if used incorrectly.

You can run debug commands in the SMAPI console (the terminal window that opens alongside the game) through the debug command, assuming you have the bundled TrainerMod installed:

debug where Robin
> Robin is at Farm, 21,4


Many commands that ask for an NPC (such as faceDirection) can take 'farmer' as well.

removeObjects - Clears all objects from the current location.
cmenu, customize, customizeMenu - Opens the character menu (new game, not wizard).
mainMenu, mainmenu, removeDebris - Removes all debris (such as dropped items).
pick, pickax, pickaxe - Adds a new basic pickaxe to your inventory.
where, whereis <S:NPC> - Prints the location and coordinates of <NPC>.
bloomDay - The game's bloom. Doesn't work.
cat <I:X> <I:Y> - Adds a cat at (<X>, <Y>) in the current location.
museumloot - Marks artifacts as found and adds minerals to inventory. Stops when the inventory is full.
quest <I:ID> - Adds quest the ID <ID>.
question - Marks a particular dialogue question as answered.
house, houseUpgrade, hu <level> - Upgrades your house to a particular level.
growgrass <number> - Adds <number> grass to your current location. May freeze the game if used outside of the farm.
bundle <I:ID> - Marks bundle <ID> as completed.
fd, face, faceDirection <S:NPC> <I:dir> - Sets <NPC> to face in <direction>
petToFarm - Moves the player's pet to the farm at (54, 8) if it isn't raining.
cooking - Teaches the player all cooking recipes.
junimoStar - (CC.characters[0] as junimo).returnToFetchStar
growAnimals - Makes all animals in the current location (must be an animal house) grow up.
leaveEvent, endEvent - Ends the current event, but also clears all previous events seen, dialogue questions answered, and mail received.
completeQuest <I:ID> - Marks quest <ID> as complete.
stoprafting - `player.isRafting = false;`
bluebook - Adds a blueprint to your inventory.
removeTF, removeTerrainFeatures - Removes all terrain features from the current location.
caughtFish, fishCaught <I:AMT> - Sets the number of fish caught to <AMT>.
pregnant - Sets the amount of days until child birth to 1. Also, removes all previous children.
removeFurniture - Removes all furniture from the current location.
localInfo - Prints a bunch of debug information about the current location.
completeCC - Sets the computer center as complete.
rfh, readyForHarvest <I:X> <I:Y> - Sets the object at (<X>, <Y>) to be ready in one minute. (Also sets stones to 1 health.
dayUpdate [I:AMT] - Progresses the game either 1 or [AMT] days.
friendAll - Sets all NPCs to 10 hearts (or 8 hearts for bachelor/ettes that you aren't dating).
shears - Gives the player shears
resource <I:ID> <I:AMT> - Marks some debris as collected, useful for quests. 0=copper, 2=iron, 4=coal, 6=gold, 8=money (somewhat random amount), 10=iridium, 12=wood, 28=lantern fuel
craftingrecipe <S:str> - Adds the recipe for <str> to your known items.
clone <S:NPC> - Clones <NPC> and adds them to the current location.
TV - Adds a TV to your inventory.
setstat <S:stat> <I:num>- Sets the stat <stat> to <num>. (<stat> is property in StardewValley.Stats)
c, cm, canmove - Forces the player to be able to move.
growCrops <I:amt> - Advances all crops in the current location <amt> days.
upgradebarn, barn - player.BarnUpgradeLevel += 1 (or 3)?
busDriveBack - BusStop.busDriveBack()
conventionMode - Toggles Game1.conventionMode
jn, junimoNote <I:ID> - Adds junimo note <ID>.
sb <S:NPC> - Puts "Hello! This is a test" in a bubble above <NPC>'s head.
resetJunimoNotes - 
ee - 
hurry - 
heal - Fills up the player's health bar.
sf, setFrame - 
bc, buildcoop - 
makeInedible - Makes the item the player is holding inedible.
fenceDecay - 
toss - 
in, itemnamed - 
al, ambientLight - 
completeJoja - 
zl, zoomlevel - 
eventseen, seenevent - 
sl - 
specials - 
shirt - 
pm, panmode, panMode, - 
b, bi, big, bigitem - 
facePlayer - 
j, aj, addJunimo - 
deleteArch - 
sr - 
version - 
ns, nosave, noSave - 
dp - 
wedding - 
water - 
eventOver - 
festivalScore - 
growAnimalsFarm - 
pan - 
wp, wallpaper - 
seenmail - 
tool - 
mp - 
ax - 
db - 
refuel - 
fo, frameOffset - 
resetAchievements - Reset the achievements.
m, mv, musicvolume - 
emote - 
remoteLargeTF - 
spawnweeds <number> - Spawns <number> weeds in your current location. May freeze or crash the game if used outside of the farm.
lu, lookup - 
speech - 
time - 
ps, playSound - 
wc, warpCharacter - 
fruitTrees - 
skullkey - Adds the Skull Key to the player's wallet.
toggleCatPerson - 
fb, fillbin - 
coop, upgradecoop - 
pole - Gives a Bamboo Pole to the player.
animalInfo - 
end - 
ff, furniture - 
pixelZoom - 
weapon <weapon ID> - Gives the weapon corresponding to the <ID> to the player. (Example: weapon 12 spawns a Wooden Blade.)
darkTalisman - Adds the Dark Talisman to the player's wallet.
achieve - 
sdkinfo - 
steaminfo - 
train - Makes a train pass through Stardew Valley.
morepollen - 
specialItem - 
speed - 
wand - 
levelup - 
kms, killMonsterStat - 
fixAnimals - 
backpack - 
child, kid - 
allbundles - 
divorce - Makes the player divorce from the "currently married" NPC.
spreadDirt - 
movebuilding - 
rain - Changes the weather to rain.
mft, mailForTomorrow - 
minelevel - 
warp - 
cclod - 
minigame - 
fbp, fill, fillbp, fillbackpack - 
slingshot - Gives a Slingshot to the player.
addOtherFarmer - 
addAllCrafting - 
plaque - 
horse - 
sprinkle - 
i, item - 
owl - 
removeQuest - 
jump - 
w, wall - 
KillAllHorses - 
lantern - Gives a Lantern to the player. However, when trying to use it, the game freezes.
skinColor - 
debrisWeather - 
clearMail - 
cookingrecipe - 
clearCharacters - 
fishing - 
dialogue - 
test - 
fish - 
year - 
crafting - Teaches the player all crafting recipes.
f, floor - 
killAll - 
beachBridge - 
achievement - 
slimecraft - 
LSD - 
build - 
farmMap - 
blueprint - 
upgradeBarn - 
season - 
energize - 
friend, friendship,  - 
save - Saves the game. Doesn't work.
gamePad - 
coopDweller - 
characterInfo - 
hairStyle - 
spreadSeeds - 
removeBuildings - 
addKent - Adds Kent to the game.
getstat - 
doesItemExist - 
die - Empties the player's health bar, making them pass out.
clearSpecials - 
clearLightGlows - 
pants - 
gamemode - 
can, wateringcan - 
money - 
barnDweller - 
marry <NPC> - Marries the player to <NPC>.
bloom - 
viewport - 
day - 
dap, daysPlayed - 
upgradeCoop - 
dog - 
removeLights - 
busDriveOff - 
child2 - 
gold - 
hoe - 
playMusic - 
resetMines - 
hat - 
r - 
hairColor - 
waterColor - 
ring - 
clearFurniture - 
removeDirt - 
boots - 
ccloadcutscene - 
event -